Whether you are looking for careers in healthcare administration, or you’d prefer to work with a more hands on approach with patients in a technical role, there are plenty of health tech careers to choose from.

​Many of them offer great career progression opportunities, so it’s easily possible to make a long-term career as soon as you get your foot in the door. Of course, healthcare isn’t an easy industry to get into as you’ll need degrees and other training for the specific job you want, but once you get those degrees, there is plenty of choice job wise. If you’re not sure what you want to do in the healthcare industry, have a look at these five health tech careers that you’ll want to consider for the future.

​Pharmacy Technician

​Pharmacy Technicians are responsible for sorting out medication for patients. It’s their responsibility to make sure all prescription drugs are correct and they aren’t going to cause further medical issues because of any other medication the patient takes. Depending on the state and job description, Pharmacy Technicians generally earn an average salary of $28,000. A Pharmacy Technician career is a good way to gain experience in the healthcare industry because the job doesn’t require any former experience or qualifications, although most employers prefer it.

​Ultrasound Technician

​Ultrasound Technicians work with special equipment used to take advantage of sound waves to take a scan of a patient’s internal organs. The ultrasound technology is often used when producing pictures of scans for pregnant women to check the baby is fine. Ultrasound Technicians earn an average salary of $68,970.

​Lab Technician

​With an average salary of $38,970, Lab Technicians are the employees that do the tests on specimens and collect samples to help diagnose diseases. Lab Technicians work under Lab Technologists and will often find themselves labelling samples as per the technologist’s instructions.

​Surgical Technologist

​A Surgical Technologist will often prepare surgical rooms and patients for their operations. They work under the supervision of qualified nurses and surgeons, and they are the employees that hand surgeons the instruments used to carry out operations successfully. A Surgical Technologist earns an average salary of $43,350.

​Dental Hygienist

A Dental Hygienist is the employee that will often give teeth a good clean and check for any possible signs of diseases and other damage. Dental Hygienists earn an overall good salary depending on the state they practice in and their individual experience, but can expect an average yearly salary of $69,280.

The above are just some of the many health tech careers that are on offer, and whether you wanted to gain a career with any of the above or you were looking for healthcare administration jobs – you will need to make sure you have the specific qualifications to make it happen. You will often not only need to work hard towards specific degrees, but you will also need to apply for licenses depending on the career and state you want to practice your career in.

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