Indeed, gaming is a very huge industry today. Since the Nintendo days, different gaming technologies were invented that brought our gaming experience to a new height. The gaming technologies are rapidly changing as the developers constantly giving new updates.

In this article we are going to name those remarkable developments that have greatly impacted the gaming world we know. Some of these technologies already existed for years but has consistent recent updates. Other techs, however, may be completely new to you. Here are five Exciting Innovations in Gaming Tech you should know.

1. Virtual & Augment reality

The Virtual reality games have reached the mainstream. Many game developers are introducing different VR and AR games such as Vader Immortal, Beat Saber, Space Pirate Trainer, No Man’s Sky, and many more. The flourishing of VR and AR games today became possible because of the introduction of wearable techs for games.

Quality virtual headsets, smartwatches, and other gaming equipment are available now for consumers. Head Tracking and gesture control technology are also so advance. These techs can track your movement and action in real-time.

2. Live Play Games

You probably haven’t heard this before unless you have visited an igaming site at some point in your life. Websites like Happyluke has a lot of live casino games for its member. Here, players are able to interact with real human croupiers that facilitate the gaming table in real-time. These types of games are preferred by many players because they were able to witness the process of dealing cards.

Game providers usually invest a lot in staff and technology to make live dealer games possible. But the most essential part is the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and the Game Control Unit (GCU). With these two gaming techs, the dealer movement is converted into digital information in real-time on the player’s gaming screen.

3. Cloud-based Gaming

With the Cloud technology, players can access to more games without downloading any apps on their mobile devices. Games are no longer limit by the amount of memory or disc. Through the internet, images and game data are streamed into the game screen. Apart from the need for lesser memory the cloud tech allows the game to have faster and smoother gameplay.

4. Mobile Gaming

thanks to modern graphics processing units (GPUs), anyone can experience different game genres in smartphones. At the end of 2019, the global gaming market worth $152 Billion. This is no surprise because the industry is flourishing. What surprised us is that in the said research, 45% or $68.5 billion came directly from mobile games.

Giant gaming creators are also having mobile versions. Well-known games such as League of Legends, Call of Duty, and PUBG is having a mobile game format. Games like Honor of Kings and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang are also having a world tournament in some countries with millions of dollars as the prize to those winners.

5.  Advance AI

Many believe that AI or Artificial Intelligence as one of the earliest innovations in the gaming world. But AI in video games isn’t a new technology. In fact, game creators are employing AI for decades. You might be familiar with games like Pac-Man, elite, or maybe the more accessible Computer Chess, Computer Go, or Computer Checker. These video games use AI technology.

The reason why AI technology reaches our list is that it became smarter. Developers are now using the advanced approach. They were able to come up with more sophisticated AI technology that can do mental tasks that a human being can. This technology already exists. Remember the times when an AI beat the world’s top pro team in DOTA 2 last year.

Which gaming technology is your favorite? Let us know your top picks in the comment section.

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