So you’re living the geek life, huh? No one ever said it’d be easy. Being a full blown nerd is a full time commitment. If you wanna do it, you gotta go all the way. Of course there is much fun to be had and all kinds of friends to be made in the geek community, but there are also some challenges you will face. Here are 5 things geeks might have to deal with that others don’t always understand.

Getting Made Fun Of

Being into things that are a little nerdy and not mainstream can cause people who don’t “get it” to tease or make fun of you. But don’t listen to them – be true to yourself and let your geek flag fly!

Taking Extra Care When Moving

Because of all of the valuable collectibles geeks are prone to owning, it is super important to take extra care while packing and moving. You may want to consider hiring a moving company but remember that this can be costly, and even professional movers can break things and make mistakes. So keep an eye on them while packing and moving to ensure that nothing irreplaceable is lost or broken.

Waiting In Long Lines

Although nerd culture is not fully mainstream, many parts of it are quite popular right now. Think of Star Wars or Marvel. Whenever a new action figure or other limited edition collectible comes out, there will be very long lines at all of the comic stores. You may even have to camp out overnight to get a good spot in line, and even this may not guarantee that you’ll get the goods. So as a diehard geek, be prepared to wait in lots of lines. You may also look for the best place to buy comics online to avoid waiting in long lines. Don’t worry though, it’ll be worth it.

Getting Into Arguments

Getting into arguments with friends or strangers over plot points or other creative choices made by authors or film makers is something to be expected if you’re a bonafide geek. Make your points clearly, concisely, and respectfully, and don’t let differences in opinion ruin a good friendship or cause a fistfight. Sometimes you’ll just have to agree to disagree.

Being Workaholics

If you’re a tech nerd and also work in the technology industry, it’s most likely a true statement that you’re a workaholic. Tech can be a tough world to work in and although it may be worth it if you love your job and make good money, be aware that work-life balance is important and try to make some time for all of your other nerdy hobbies.

Being a geek may not always be a walk in the park, but it’s totally worth it. Remember to take care of yourself and your fellow nerds and you’ll be just fine!

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