With all of our busy schedules, it is enticing to finally have a moment of peace, escape the city life, and be one with nature. There is nothing better than spending these special times with your loved ones. One of the best recreational activities you can enjoy with your family is kayaking. Hereโ€™s a list of amazing kids-friendly places to visit for your first kayaking trip to make your planning a little easier.

Nicolet Beach, Wisconsin

Located in Peninsula State Park, Nicolet Beach has a sandy shoreline that spans roughly 944 feet. This beach is perfect for summer outdoor fun. It has a store and rental facility for water sports such as kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding. Its calm waters spanning up to two miles are great for kids trying kayaking for the first time.

Caddo River, Arkansas

Paddle your way through the waters of Caddo River located in Glenwood, Arkansas. Its gentle rapids are perfect for first-time paddlers. Aside from kayaking, you may also try fishing here while taking in the surroundings being graced by the scenic Ouachita Mountains of Southwest Arkansas. Additionally, Caddo River offers two great camping locations. Choose between primitive sites and water/electric sites in Caddo River, which both include picnic tables, fire rings, and grills. These are perfect setups to make the most out of your holiday with different family camping activities!

Channel Islands, California

The Channel Islands National Park comprises five islandsโ€”Santa Cruz, San Miguel, Santa Barbara, Santa Rosa, and Anacapa Islands. These islands offer diverse activities, from kayaking to surfing and hiking to camping. Kayaking is best during summer or autumn when your family can also enjoy wildlife sightings. Be ready to spot different seabirds, sea lions, and even whales in their summer migrations.

Mono Lake, California

Mono Lake is a saline lake located in Sierra Nevada, California. It is home to trillions of brine shrimps and the world-renowned rock formations called tufa towers. Millions of birds visit the area which makes it perfect for birdwatching. The lake also offers other activities such as hiking, kayaking, and canoeing. Alternatively, you can join the lakeโ€™s free guided tours or bird walks, wander through the tufa towers and bubbling springs, and learn the natural and human history of Mono Lake. Your kids may also experience the almost a million-year-old lake through guided canoe tours with all equipment provided.

New York City Downtown Boathouse, New York

The New York City Downtown Boathouse is a non-profit organization managed by volunteers. It provides free kayaking programs in the Hudson River to the public. The organization sustains its operations through its volunteers and public donations. Brief instructions and life jackets are given prior to the activity for everyoneโ€™s safety. Lockers, locks, sunblock, changing rooms, and first aid equipment are also offered at each location. Kids under 13 years old are allowed, but they must be accompanied by an adult in the boat.

Kayaking is a great way to stay active. It is a sport for all ages. It also gives us time to bond with our family, finally breathe some fresh air, wander through the waves, and enjoy the sights of the mountains, skies, and wildlife.

Your kidโ€™s first kayaking experience will surely be an enjoyable one, and you may want to plan another kayaking trip with them. Luckily, the USA has a lot of amazing places to offer. If you want to explore other kayaking destinations, find out the best kayaking spots near you with this interactive map. With just a click, you will find a sea of kayaking locations!

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