Not every family knows what they will do on a camping vacation. Do you know what activities will you attend while camping? Are you camping for the first time and want to know some fun things to do?

Camping is all about fun and exploring new things so in this article I will show you how to have fun while enjoying nature. You are welcome to consider these activities so your loved ones will be happy to go camping again.

What are some good camping activities?

If you want to have a camping party and everyone happy then you should plan ahead. As you plan your food stocks and water supplies, you should plan your camping activities. I suggest that you have daily and night activities, plus those that you will have when it rains.

Letโ€™s get started.

Daily activities

These are activities that you will do in daylight. There are plenty of them but I will state just a few to give you a clue. You will see the opportunities for fun and being active as you camp.


Hiking is the most obvious outdoor activity that your family can do. Are you camping in a new place that you want to explore? No matter where you are staying (campsite, national park, or in the backcountry) you can hike and see what surroundings have to offer.

I always go and explore the place I am camping in since there are always nice things to see and experience. You never know what is hiding around the corner, so go ahead and plan your hiking day. Pack some water and snacks and take your kids on a wild adventure.

Taking a dog along

Do you have a family dog who you donโ€™t want to leave at home alone? It is perfectly fine if you take your doggo with you if he is an adult and doesnโ€™t have any (health or behavior) issues. Camping with a dog is so much fun as you can attend different kinds of activities with him. I am sure kids will enjoy with their best friend no matter of the activity.

If you donโ€™t know which tent to get for your family and a dog I suggest you opt for one of the best tents for camping with dogs. These tents offer enough space for a crowd and have extra space (a porch, vestibule, or other solution) to put your Fido to rest.

Some of them even have a claw-proof tent floor so the animal canโ€™t tear it and destroy the tent. It is a clever idea to look at these tents and getting the right one for you.

Water activities

If you are camping in summer and the water is nice you can have a water sportโ€™s day. Take a look around and see if your camping place has a lake, a river, or a pool where you can enjoy yourself with the kids. Maybe you will camp close to the ocean and this gives you plenty of options for being active and have fun.

Here are some of the ideas of what you can do on the water: swimming, kayaking, canoeing, surfing, kitesurfing, paddling on a SUP, wakeboarding, scuba diving, snorkeling, jet-skiing, fishing, and other adrenalin sports.

If your children are small they can gather shells and rocks at the shore, play with frogs and watch other animals at work.

Make family album

Taking pictures of a family trip is always nice since you and your kids will remember those nice times together when seeing the pictures. Take a camera along and take pictures of your loved ones in action.

Play games outside

I love playing games and attend in sports activities with a ball and you can do the same. If your campground has courts for basketball, football, tennis, and other sports consider playing a round or two on the field.

You can rent the sports equipment at most campgrounds but you can take some of your favorite sports items with you.

Night activities

What to do when the dark falls? No worries, night camping activities can be one of the best if you know what to do for fun. My favorite of all is setting a campfire and talking and laughing around it.

Tell stories, make some and read something interesting so all the members will have big ears. Install a headlamp so you will read without having to hold the flashlight in your hand.

Play flashlight tag, hide and seek in the dark, stargaze, release sky lanterns and tell ghost stories.

You can also draw, knit, make sโ€™mores or other food, lie in hammocks, and watch fireflies. Use your imagination and surprise your family with your ideas.

Activities while it rains

Are you afraid that rain will spoil your trip? Donโ€™t be as you can do plenty of things while it rains. As you will need a lot of space for all the members of your family I recommend you to get a large and high tent as the log cabin camping tent as it will provide the space you need for sleeping comfortably and to put the furniture inside.

Take some cards and board games as they are perfect for rainy camping. Prepare the place where you will play, set a light and start your battle. When you have enough games you can lie down and talk or read.

Have the most amazing camping trip!

Taking your family on a camping trip is the most wonderful idea if you ask me. Family camping involves fun and learning activities where your kids will re-connect with nature. Camping is beneficial for the young ones since they can learn about the animal species, trees and their fruits, and other laws of nature. Go ahead and make their camping worth remembering when they get older.

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