Customer engagement is the bread and butter for almost every business, across pretty much every industry.

But how engaging are you?

From start to finish, your primary goal should be to provide a positive, confident and thorough service for your customers to gain loyalty and repeat custom. It can also be detrimental to your business’ rep if your customer engagement is poor.

So how can you ensure you’re delivering a fantastic service to new and existing customers? A toll-free number, that’s how.

If you need to boost customer engagement – get a toll-free number

It’s really as simple as that. A toll-free number allows customers to contact you at absolutely no cost to them, as the company will foot the bill. This not only gives the message that you’re accessible and welcoming to calls and enquiries, but is much more likely to drive up your customer engagement, because who can resist something that’s free?

The truth is, there are so many benefits to opting for a toll-free number these days that almost every business is doing it, but if you’re not, or you’re not using it to its full potential – here are 4 reasons to change your ways.

1. Gives you a professional edge

There’s no doubt, adding a toll-free number to your business makes you look more professional. Why? Because it removes the possibility of dropped calls, allows you to be contacted around the clock, for free, and helps you to deliver a consistently supportive service.

In 2021, if a company is charging you to contact them, the image that gives off is one of money-grabbing, and customers will simply go elsewhere.

2. It’s quicker

In this day and age, business is all about convenience and speed. The company that can deliver well and the fastest is the one that garners the most positive attention. But where does a toll-free number come in here?

Well, they remove the barrier of cost per call, because it’s free for the caller, and it connects them immediately with someone on the other end who (hopefully) is ready and waiting to assist with their query.

3. Increases credibility

Too many businesses overlook the issue of credibility, especially if they’re offering a cheap product or service. But credibility is everything, especially when it comes to building a good reputation and gaining both loyal and new custom.

A toll-free number is another tool in your credibility arsenal, allowing you to instantly put your customer at ease. At first glance, they can see your toll-free (memorable) number and know they can contact you as and when they need to, at no cost to them. Remember, if your contact details are impossible to find, your potential customer will simply move onto a competitor, and thus you’ve lost more credibility, so this one is certainly worth keeping in mind.

4. Consistency

Consistency is key they say, and when it comes to great customer engagement, that much is certainly true! The great thing about a toll-free number is that you can take it with you wherever you go, once it’s yours, it’s yours forever.

So, relocating, working from home (aren’t we all right now?!), whatever it is, your customers can be left none the wiser as they experience the same high level of communication as they’ve grown used to ever since you implemented your toll-free number.

Do you need to rethink your customer service strategy?

If customer engagement is at an all time low, consider why? Do you have a toll-free number with a rubbish company, or maybe you don’t have one at all?

If either of those apply, perhaps it’s time you considered a company like G-Tele who have been offering affordable short-term contracts for toll-free numbers for many years, and who have built up a fantastic reputation. Get in touch with them today to get started!

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