A trade show is a great platform for your business to get a golden opportunity to network with prospective clients, make your business brand known, and make some good sales for your products and services. But for all this to happen, you need a proper set up at the trade show event. But how do you create a good set up?

Well, here are 4 tips to setting up for a trade show:

1.    Have A Strong Team

The team you choose to work with at a trade show will determine greatly the kind of results you see at the end of it all. You can choose the best people you have in your circle or outsource the services of an event staffing company that is well versed with handling trade shows.

Get people who are professional, outgoing, friendly, and highly motivated. They should also be experts with specific skills that complement each other. For instance, you can have a tech expert to handle any technical issues, a salesperson to convert your leads, a PR person to handle inquiries, and so on.

2.    Set Up A Good Booth

Your booth is the first thing that people see. Your setup should be at its level best to attract prospective clients to you. When setting up the display, use fewer words and more pictures. You can make this happen by preparing a digital presentation. Rent a LED screen from St. Louis to make your booth visual and attractive. Keep in mind that you are not alone in the trade show so pictures will come in handy in capturing the attention of the people. Let your display be visible even from a far off distance.

Ensure that you have a place for people visiting your booth to sit and rest. This way youโ€™ll be able to retain customers longer and engage them more on your product and service offerings.

3.    Have Product Demos And Free Giveaways

Itโ€™s not just enough to display your products on the booth. To be more effective, you should allow your staff to test out the products for your prospective customers. Allow your customers to see, touch, taste and try out your products to get a better feel of what you are selling. Carry along some extra products to use as demos.

In addition to that, you can have some free giveaways that will sell your brand more to the clients. Stuff such as pens, hats, t-shirts, water bottles, notebooks, key holders, a snack will all go a long way to build a good connection with your customers.

4.    Have Brochures And Business Cards

It will be a grave error to go for a trade show and not have brochures and business cards. Youโ€™ll have lost many potential customers who would love to link up with you even after the trade show is over.

If you donโ€™t already have business cards and brochures, have them made by a professional designer and produce as many as you possibly can. Almost everyone who comes to your booth will want a business card. Youโ€™ll end up giving out so many.

A brochure will keep clients seeing your product and service offerings even after they leave your booth. Ensure you have a properly laid out and well-detailed brochure that will sell your business well.


Properly setting up for a trade fair is a definite guarantee that youโ€™ll see positive results. If you need exhibition stands and exhibition products to use in the trade show like furniture, audiovisual equipment, stands, PDQs and the like, you can easily hire these on https://www.expocart.com/.

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