To attract customers to your website, it is important to have engaging content and there is nothing more engaging than having a moving image, and not only that, sound accompanying it. The very sight of it will bring to life a message that otherwise could be lost in the text. We are a very visual world, and as such, like to receive our information in pictures as a preferred option. Also, it saves us time. A short shoppable video, for example, can save a lot of time in comparison to trawling through textual descriptions that often struggle to fully explain a product.

Use Interactive Videos

A video in itself is engaging because it features a moving image and sound. However, an interactive video improves the viewing experience further by allowing potential consumers of the product to click on the video and control what it shows them. This means that they can focus, and have explained to them, a certain section or aspect of the product that interests them. This makes the video so much more engaging. The way it can be varied also promotes a repeat viewing. Then, the more times someone watches the video, the more a product will get inside their head until they are finally persuaded to buy it.

Choosing the Background and Actor Wisely

You must choose a background and actor that will help sell your product rather than detract from it or distract anyone from this aim. The background should be a contrast to the product so that it is not hidden. The actor should be someone who is used to product demonstrations. They should have an understandable voice and not talk either too quickly, so that everyone misses what they are saying, or too slowly to put anyone to sleep. If someone is not being either informed or entertained, they will simply turn to another website or switch off their computer entirely. If they switch off their computer, it is unlikely that it is your website they will be returning to when they next switch it on. So, choose the elements of what makes up your video wisely.

Who Should Shoot the Video?

It depends on your budget, of course, but it is always best to hire a professional to shoot your video. They do not just know about lighting and the best angles to shoot from but are also directors. They have an eye for only including everything for a reason. It is the things that are included with no purpose that can detract from the message that is trying to be conveyed and the actual features of the product. Every video needs to have a message attached to it so that there is a point to it. To make clear, above everything else, what the product is that is being sold and who is selling it. These details should not be lost in the entertainment. Certain technical details will need to be included with regards to the product but in a way that seems interesting to those who are watching.


As with all finished products, there is a stage after creation that is required. In the case of videos, it is the editing process. This can be time-consuming but well worth it to cut out all the bits that are not going to help sell a product or stop the video from seeming like it has been produced by a professional. You will want to represent your company professionally, so your video needs to have an air of professionalism about it without being too formal and putting viewers off for being too formulaic.

In conclusion, we can make our business videos engaging by discovering interactive videos, considering the contents of the videos themselves in terms of background and those performing the starring role, and by hiring professionals to shoot the video. Also, we can use software to cut out anything in our video that is likely to prevent our product from selling. It is also the software available that will make our videos interactive.

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