Receipts are important documents in any transaction. They serve as proof of payment. They can be very useful in a tenant-landlord relationship especially where there is a conflict over rental payments. The aggrieved party can simply produce receipts of the payments made to argue their case out. Traditionally, businesses have been issuing paper receipts that are easy to lose. Technology is changing this method of issuing receipts. Electronic receipt, is slowly taking the place of paper receipts. An electronic receipt is a digital representation of proof of payment. It is easier and safer to maintain this type of receipt.

Have as Much Information as Possible

A selection of invoice templates is structured in a way that makes it easy to fill and use. you do not need to structure the document from scratch. When looking for a template, check the one that has as much information as possible depending on your business. You can then edit the document to your liking and reproduce the same many times over. ย You can include information such as the quantity of each product or service, the price of those products or services and the total price of all good and taxes.

Use to Calculate Taxes

When calculating the value of your tax you are supposed to pay, electronic receipts will help a great deal in getting the correct value. Using these receipts saves you the time and money you would actually spend reconciling all the required documentation. The receipts will in most cases have a summary of not only your sales, but also details such as the name of your business, time and place of sales, name of sales agents involved in the sale as well as the value of those sales. This information reconciled in one electronic document is vital for filing tax returns.

Save Copies on the Server of Point-of-Sale Device

Traditionally, businesses have been filing a collection of receipts of daily transactions then filling the same in their books of accounts at the end of the day. this method is not only cumbersome and time-consuming, but can also result in incorrect entries especially when one loses some receipts. Electronic receipts are recorded digitally every time a transaction happens. You do not need to do go through all the receipts at the end of the day or trading period since you can simply populate the recorded information on a spreadsheet and use to enter into your books of account. You cannot lose any information recorded digitally not unless someone manipulates it intentionally.

Use Carbon Copies

There are times you will be needed to provide hard copy receipts to some clients. You can print your electronic receipt templates and fill them up with the required information. Some clients will require you to provide a separate receipt for every transaction. You can use carbon paper to reproduce copies of receipts with similar information to the same time. Carbon copies also ensure that you as the seller always remains with a copy of every receipt you write.

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