We all know what it’s like to face issues at work – discrimination, unfair treatment, bullying co-workers, uncomfortable working conditions, etc. But just because we’re facing these issues, doesn’t mean that we know how to handle them.

Taking on work-related frustrations and complaints can be tricky. You want to remain professional and calm, but you need to get your point across that the way you’re being treated isn’t right.

If you have a problem at work, here are some steps to take to handle it professionally and, hopefully, quickly.

Make a Verbal Complaint

The first step you need to take when you’re dealing with something in your workplace is to talk to your employer. When you decide to complain to your boss about an issue at work, you’re essentially making an informal report.

Bring the issue to their attention in a face-to-face conversation if possible – this will give them the opportunity to address the problem head-on and hopefully get it handled.

Submit a Formal Grievance

If the problem you’re dealing with is more serious, urgent or even threatening, you might want to jump straight to the formal complaint. You’ll need to submit a grievance letter stating the problem and allow an investigation to ensue.

If you’re making a complaint against your employer, there’s a chance you may face retaliation or an uncomfortable work environment going forward, and you might even wish to seek out alternative employment. If you have experienced retaliation at work, you might need to seek out legal assistance.

Don’t Gossip

Truly, workplace gossip is never a good idea, especially not when you’re dealing with a serious issue.  Instead of chatting about the issue with your colleagues, keep your lips zipped on the issue – at least until it’s been resolved.

Instead, vent and complain to other friends and family members outside of the company in your private time. This will ensure that your own name isn’t tarnished in the process and that stories aren’t spread like wildfire.

Keep Your Emotions in Check

During this time, managing your stress will be crucial. If you let your emotions get the better of you, you’re more likely to lash out at work which could complicate matters further.

When at work, talking to your employer and anyone else involved in the issue, try to remain as professional and neutral as you possibly can. Refrain from name-calling and yelling.

Be sure to manage your emotions at home so that your mind is clear and fresh when at work and dealing with interviews and investigations.

Final Thoughts

Handling major issues at work can be incredibly stressful and emotionally taxing. Make sure that you get help from the right people, and if your problem isn’t being resolved at work, don’t hesitate to seek out professional help to escalate the issue.

If you’ve been mistreated in any way, a good attorney will be able to help you figure out the damage and claim compensation. Never be afraid to walk away from a toxic or harmful work environment.

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