The initial thought of it is tantalizing. Finding your special one at your workplace, starting off as a ‘corporate crush’, falling in love gradually, seeing each other every single day. It almost feels like he’s already family. However it’s not so Fairytale-y after all.

We aren’t saying that every office relationship won’t work, there are those lucky exceptions, but the majority is on the other side. So it’s better to be with the safer crowd. These are four of the most practical and relatable reasons why your relationship with a co-worker might not work out.

Getting a Promotion

When you’re in the corporate world, doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or not. Promotions and increments are all what we look forward to. However imagine you start a relationship with a co-worker who’s in the same position as you or even above, and you get a promotion. He becomes your subordinate. Men love their superiority, and this move could damage your relationship. Of course he’ll be happy at first, but handling the work pressure, managing your relationship and keeping yourself sane in this kind of matter is stressful.

There are other options to save your relationship if you feel like it’s going downhill. If you or your partner doesn’t love the work environment, either of you could look for other work opportunities of the same kind or request to change departments if the organization is big.

The Green Eyed Monster

One of the most cursed things we girls inherit from birth is Jealousy. No need to deny, it’s mutual. The Green Eyed Monster lingers within all of us. Especially when it comes to relationships, we get very possessive. Imagine your relationship is a secret, and you see your work besties getting too close and touchy with your partner. Or even when he has to go on work outings with other girls in your office and vice versa, you have no control nor choice on the decisions.


Yes we hate to admit it, but too much of the same thing could lead to boredom. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t date a man for too long. Of course if it’s true love, time is just a number. The thought of seeing each other every day at first is such a beautiful feeling. But with time, the excitement may reduce, and imagine after marrying! You’ll see each other’s faces day-in day-out. So before things go out of hand, take a wise decision.

Working together once it’s over

Not all relationships are fairy tales and not all affairs work the way you expect. If it did, it’s great, but if it didn’t, well you’ve got a problem. You’ll still see each other every day and it’ll hurt you more when he starts seeing someone else or vice versa. And worse if he’s your boss. Imagine all the things that could go wrong.


So before you make a decision whether to start a relationship with a co-worker, remember to look at all angles and how it could affect you both. After all, it could work out for you and your partner. So if you’re sure of your decision, go for it!

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