Another one? Of course why else would you come here to read this! But shhh… Don’t worry. This is just between us and it’s perfectly healthy to have a crush. It’s a normal phenomenon in the human body which is nature’s way of suggesting different mates to procreate. However, most of our cases are just one sided crushes. And it’s a heart break once you realize they have no mutual feelings. It’s always better to know whether your crush has the same butterflies in their stomach before it leads to a heartbreak.

Let’s look at some practical key points to know whether he has the same feeling towards you.

Sending Relatable Memes

This might sound narrow, while most people send memes just for fun. But people also do send relatable Memes to create conversations and crack jokes. If your crush sends many memes just to make small talk to laugh about, you’ve got crush alert girl! Stay put!

Tells you Secrets

‘Two can keep a secret if both of them is in LOVE’! (The PLL version is better) Secrets are only for those who are trustworthy. Your crush has to trust you in order to tell all his deepest or even quirky secrets. If he’s comfortable around you to tell his mischief or grief, he might be in to you.

Knows weird stuff about you

Forgetfulness is common in men, but those qualities tend to change at different instances based on importance. If your crush remembers weird little things about you that you may have told him long time back, like the food combinations you prefer, he might think of you quite important in life. So hopes up!

Tries to Impress You

This happens the other way too. We girls too try to impress just to show we are worth everything! So expect the same from your crush if you believe he has the same feelings. Impressing is a complex psychological behavior, it could mean intelligence, career-wise, physical, caring and many more. If you feel he’s trying to make himself shine in your eyes, he may be hitting on you.

Makes you Jealous

Making your crush jealous is common. It’s the most primary way to get the attention of your ‘to-be’ special one. If he’s trying to make you jealous in the eyes of you with another girl, it might hint that he’s crushing on you. (His acting would prove it)

However this could be tricky. Don’t get your hopes up at once. If he prefers someone else’s attention when you’re not around, it could mean that he genuinely doesn’t share mutual feelings with you. So stop hurrying and give time! He’ll come around eventually if it’s meant to happen.


Right now, your mind is at a paralyzed state where every little thing he does seems to you like he has a crush. Be mindful and thing intellectually. The worse you could do is just assume. Take the next step. Be confident and confront if you really think he’s worth the shot. In the end it’s not life and death, so take a chance!

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