Whether you’re new to the real estate game or a seasoned veteran, you always want to connect with prospective clients. Real estate postcards are the perfect way to reach a wide audience and let people know you’ve got your finger on the market. This will ensure they’ll keep you in mind if they decide to sell their home, or any other real estate needs.

There are several types of postcards, depending on which message you’d like to convey. Companies like Wise Pelican have a variety of templates to choose from. Keep reading to learn about the different postcard templates and see which ones work best for you.

Just Listed and Just Sold Keep People Informed

These are the most effective postcards. If you’ve got a new listing on the market, sending a Just Listed postcard lets people in the neighborhood know about the impending sale. Even if someone isn’t planning on going anywhere, it’s still good to know about recent comps in the area to get a good idea of your home’s value.  Once the home sells, a Just Sold postcard is the perfect way to keep people informed, especially if it sells quickly.

You can send postcards during other important parts of the transaction too, like when the listing goes.
under contract and to let people know of upcoming open houses. The more postcards you send, the more you entrench your name and brand into people’s memories. Make sure you include your name, contact information, and company name so people can reach you.

Market Updates Let People Know You’re In The Know

These postcards take more work because there’s a lot of information to dispense. This will pay off because people will see how much valuable knowledge you have. Some things to include are:

  • Average listing and selling price
  • Inventory updates: number of homes for sale and new listings
  • Ratio of homes that sold for listing price
  • How long listings spend on the market

Seller Valuation Postcards Are An Easy Way To Get Your Name Out

Even if someone isn’t thinking of selling their home, a seller valuation postcard gives them the option of taking steps to find out their home’s value. This is nice to know whether you plan to stay in your house for the next few years, or the next few decades. More importantly, it gets your name in their household and they’ll know to get in touch with you when the time comes to sell.

Filler Postcards Don’t Have To Be Boring

If you’ve got a lull in listings and still want to stay in touch, a fun postcard with recipe ideas or holiday wishes is a great way to do that. Though it’s not directly related to real estate, you’ll still ensure that people remember you.

Wise Pelican Has All The Real Estate Postcards You Need

Remember that you always want to be in contact with current and prospective clients. Real estate postcards are the best way to make sure people remember who you are and reach out to you for any related needs.

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