When a company is hosting an important business event in Singapore, the food will leave a lasting impression and make the attendees more receptive to the message the company is presenting. Hungry people do not have the best attention spans, and serving the wrong food in the wrong way can be harmful to the company’s reputation. So, plan the catering as carefully as the business part of the event.

Choose the Right Vendor for the Catering

Choose the right vendor for the event catering needs. The right vendor might offer the best halal catering in Singapore or other advantages, such as help in planning the food to serve and how to serve it, and affordable, fair pricing for the best-quality ingredients. The vendor may be conveniently located near the event venue and offer the most-creative catering choices. Talking to several vendors to compare prices and services is always a good idea. But, once the perfect vendor has been found, stick with them for future events.

A good vendor will offer a range of food choices and services such as entertainment, thematic decorations, rental of equipment, and more personalized services. Help with planning the catering is very important to busy event planners. Choose the caterer with a good track record and positive customer ratings. Make sure the caterer will serve the best food within the event’s budget. Hot food should be served hot. Cold food should be cold. Everything should be fresh and attractively prepared.

4 Catering Ideas for Business Events

There are choices in catering menus. The customer can choose the serving style that will best serve their event.

  1. Buffet serving allows the attendees to choose foods they like from a table offering many food choices. The trend is to offer healthier food choices with fresh ingredients prepared with less sugar, salt, and oil.
  2. A mini buffet is a good choice for a small gathering. There are fewer choices, but choosing is also not as overwhelming.
  3. Packaged meals are becoming popular. Attendees have a choice of pre-packed meals in convenient containers. These meals can all be the same or include several menu choices. This reduces the time of serving the food.
  4. Consider a breakfast menu for early business events. Catering of food can be personalized to fit a theme or type of food. Snack or dessert selection boxes are ideas that work. These choices might be ideal for a working business meeting. Another choice might be a selection of easy-to-eat foods like sandwiches or other nutritious finger foods.

Match The Food to the Event

The important consideration is to match the food choices to the type of business event and the people who are attending. It is also important to consider the timing of the event. Is it in the morning, at lunchtime, in the evening, or even after the dinner hour? An evening event might do well to serve a selection of desserts while an event during the dinner hour should provide a filling meal whether in buffet or packaged container forms. Early morning meetings should feature breakfast choices to get attendees ready to work and listen to presentations.

The best caterers are knowledgeable about what to serve when and can be very helpful in planning the correct food and serving choices. The people attending the business event will remember the occasion positively and retain the message better if the catering meets their needs.

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