Netflix is the most affordable streaming site for different types of content. At this time, they are available in most of the countries. You will find a variety of content among the different regional libraries of Netflix. If you are looking for Ways To Watch Netflix In Thailand, we are here for you.

To watch Netflix in Thailandย using a VPN that works with Netflixย is considered the most beneficial method among those three methods. When you are in Thailand on vacation, watching Netflix with a VPN is more suitable. VPN helps you to change your Internet Protocol address and grant you a new address.

3 Ways To Watch Netflix In Thailand

Netflix started their streaming service in Thailand in January 2016. If you are traveling in Thailand and a native of Thailand, watching Netflix in your free time can be the best option. Ways To Watch Netflix In Thailand are discussed below for your betterment.

Local Subscription Method

You can watch Netflix by using the local subscription method of Thailand. You have to purchase a subscription package for your device for a certain period. To buy a subscription package, you need a credit card or a Netflix gift card.

You can watch all the content in Standard Definition, High Definition, Ultra High Definition in the Thai library. The Thai library is well known for broadcasting Thai and Asain Shows. Thai Netflix allows changing the subtitle of any content in the Thai language. The sad part about Thai Netflix is you will not get a free trial.

Abroad Subscription Method

Users can access Netflix from 190 countries when they are traveling, including Thailand. But the available shows will be quite different due to the variation of country streaming right. By using an Abroad Subscription Method, you will find the local content on the Netflix homepage. You will find Korean Movies on the trending list because Thai people love Korean movies. Because Netflix shows the content according to which countryโ€™s server you are using.

VPN Method

To watch Netflix in Thailand VPN method is considered the most beneficial method among those three methods. When you are in Thailand on vacation, watching Netflix with a VPN is more suitable. VPN helps you to change your Internet Protocol address and grant you a new address.

You can access the Thai library using a Thai server from the server list by sitting in Thailand. You can also access your own regional library by switching your server. VPN will give you freedom without any border. Accessing into any Countries regional library and unblocking any content is a matter of time with a VPN.

How to Watch Netflix in Thailand with a VPN

To watch Netflix in Thailand with a VPN, you need to keep up with those steps. Before going on, we recommend picking a Premium VPN which has all the advanced features.

  • Step 1- Register for a VPN and complete the payment process.
  • Step 2- Get the VPN application from any trusted source and install it on your device.
  • Step 3- Launch the VPN application and Log in with the required information.
  • Step 4- Choose a Thai server from the server list.
  • Step 5- Go to Netflix and start watching any Thai content without any hassle.

Benefits of Watching Netflix With a VPN

The benefits of Watching Netflix with a VPN are enormous. Using a VPN while streaming video on Netflix will ensure an uninterrupted connection always. You can Stream any Video without any Buffering and more importantly using a VPN is always benificial for privacy of yours.

Netflix has blocked much content in different regions. With a VPN, you can get the facility of unblocking all that content from anywhere you want. 

Another facility of using VPN when using Netflix is that you can use Netflix with any subscription package. It doesnโ€™t matter where you live or where you are traveling.

Best VPN to Watch Netflix in Thailand

Consider a Paid Premium Vpn for accessing Netflix in Thailand. Netflix can detect the IP of a non-paid VPN and block them instantly. Using a Premium VPN to break geo-restriction and unlimited bandwidth can be the best VPN for watching Netflix in Thailand.


ExpressVPN has the most positive review and user satisfaction for its trustworthy server connection. For watching Netflix in Thailand, ExpressVPN can be the best choice. The number of servers of ExpressVPN is over 3000. ExpressVPN all servers are P2P friendly.

ExpressVPN uses 256-bit-keys Encryption Policy to guard your data. They have a no-log policy, DNS & IP leak protection. You will be safe while browsing on Netflix. They have unlimited bandwidth for streaming any video, and ExpressVPN can break the geo-restriction of Netflix.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost is the cheapest VPN among the Premium VPN with great services. They have servers from 111 different countries, and the total number of servers is 6846. You can use Cyberghost VPN on multiple devices continuously under one account.

CyberGhost uses AES-256-bit-keys Military Encryption Policy to guard userโ€™s data. This VPN is supported in all operating systems. With the Unlimited bandwidth of CyberGhost, you can stream any video for a long time. The quality of their server is good, and they perform without any data dropping.


NordVPN is a VPN that has all the latest advanced technology. They use smart play Technology to break the geo-restriction of any sites along with Netflix. They offer a dedicated server for every user in every new connection. The total number of servers of NordVPN is 5522, and they manage servers from 59 countries.

You can use NordVPN with a router and on multiple devices also. NordVPN supports seven devices simultaneously under one account. They have a kill switch mood and unlimited bandwidth. No log policy and a world-class encryption policy are also in NordVPN. With the NordVPN server, you can watch Netflix without any buffering because they provide ultra-fast connections always.

Final Verdict

In this modern world, you will see many more ways to fix a problem. The question is not how to solve it. Instead, it may be on how many ways to solve it. Ways To Watch Netflix In Thailand, remember that. You need to pick out the best likely option by evaluating your knowledge.

From the above discussion, You will obviously find a way to watch Netflix, we hope. While picking the VPN method gives you more facility, you don’t need to think about the rest of those methods.

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