As a military vet, you have more than a few options when you want to start earning a living online. You can jump right in, however, there is a substantial learning curve and that may mean you wonโ€™t earn any money for a while. Another option is to enroll in an online university program that teaches you to work online in any one of a number of fields like, programming, web design, graphic design, copywriting, business creation and more.

Earn a Living Online

The truth is that the internet has become so much more than just a form of entertainment. Thousands of people make money online and support their families this way. The internet offers an inexpensive way for many people to become entrepreneurs. However, it is not all a bed of roses. Like any business, an internet business does take some investment in both time and money.

Having said that, let’s look at three ways you can provide for your family online.

Create A Blog

A popular way of making money online is to start a blog. You can choose almost any topic you are interested in. By writing your opinions, ideas or news on this topic, you draw readers in. These readers have the same interest, and once you get a good following of people interested in what you have to say, you can create your own products to sell. These products can be books, prints, crafts, memorabilia or anything that is affiliated to the theme of the blog. The ways to profit with a blog are through online advertising, affiliate marketing (selling for Amazon and other companies). How do you make money by giving your opinion on things? In reality, a blog is more like a website than it is just a news site, so you can have sales pages, web pages, service pages and more. Having a WordPress blog is a great way to get your first piece of web real estate.

Most people think, sure I can start a blog and get a following, but how does that make me money. Once you have some content on your site, you can start making money by selling other peopleโ€™s products. For instance, if you have a blog about football, you might sell someoneโ€™s book, program or travel package (maybe even all of the above). Of course, you can also create your own book, guide or travel package that relates to this.

Because most blogs can also be websites, you can create an E-commerce store and sell drop shipped items. Join a product association or a site like Alibaba or Alibaba express to find drop shippers who will send out the product to your customers. Drop shipping is a great way to source your e-business without having to buy actual products.

Listing Products on Platforms

Another way to make money is to list items on existing platforms like Amazon, eBay and Etsy. Many people purchase items at auction, estate sales, stores and even department stores, then they sell them on websites like Amazon or eBay. It is just a matter of checking the sites to see what items sell and going out and finding the HOT sellers. Another similar way to make money is to put your creativity to work. You can make things and sell them on Etsy. If you have a flair for woodworking, metalwork, painting or any other hands-on craft, Etsy is the place to sell your stuff.

Online Education

Get a job online. The web has a ton of jobs available where you can work from home. However, these jobs require special tech skills. Many people enroll in an online educational course to learn marketing, copywriting, web design, web development or graphic design. These are fields where people work from home or from any place they wish. The one drawback to earning a living in this way is that you first need to acquire the skills. Not to worry though. You can enroll in a University course online and do all the coursework from the comfort of your living room. As a military vet, you have a distinct advantage here because you can acquire a military family grant for school. This type of grant will pay for your education and your basic needs while you learn how to earn a living online.

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