Tracking the mileage that a driver has covered while driving a vehicle can be a frustrating experience, more so for drivers who cover a lot of miles on a daily basis. Keeping a manual count of the distance and the dates in order to get deductions on mileage for tax purposes can be a tedious and time-consuming process.

Converting this data into information that can be used to make a tax deduction claim is another extremely complex process.ย A tax calculator can simplify the processย butโ€”ultimatelyโ€”this is why having a mileage tracking app is important as it simplifies this whole process.

Here are 3 tips to using mileage tracking apps:

1. Keep Detailed IRS Compliant Records

Mileage tracking apps have the provision for you to formulate reports that comply with the IRS rules. You can make deductions for each mile that you cover and claim these deductions and making huge savings on taxes. This, however, will require you to keep detailed records.

The IRS has a requirement which states that you have to keep receipts for any vehicle expense or business transaction that is above $75. With a tracking app, you can take a photo of a receipt and store it safely in Cloud.

Mileage tracking apps give you the provision to prepare IRS reports and this will be highly beneficial when making tax deduction and exemption claims.

This record keeping feature in mileage apps is a breath of fresh air for companies that must check on mileage and keep proper records in their daily operations.

2. Use The GPS and Map Feature

The GPS and map features on mileage tracking apps are super important as they allow you to track where vehicles are. If you run a business that has a huge number of vehicles, this app features will come in handy in showing you the location of each vehicle to the specific position that it is on. You can view the driving routes that the drivers are taking in real time.

With the mileage app, drivers can get notifications of bad weather, road hazards, and accidents that have happened via the GPS and map thus keeping the driver in tune to drive more safely.

You will be able to track the driving speed of each driver and pinpoint those who are driving recklessly. This will, in the long run, assure the safety of your drivers and the maintenance of your vehicles in good condition by reducing accidents.

3.    Use The Bluetooth And Sync Feature

Mileage tracking apps on phones are more convenient to use as compared to carrying around bulky laptops on every trip that a driver takes to keep mileage records. The Bluetooth feature allows you to connect the app with the vehicle and then start recording the mileage once the vehicle begins to move and stop recording when the vehicle comes to a halt.

Another super important feature to maximize on when using the mileage tracking app is the sync feature. With it, you can sync data between your mobile phone and the web.


These three tips are super helpful when using mileage tracking apps. Youโ€™re probably wondering which app to use since there are so many on offer in the market. Weโ€™ve done our research and know which mileage tracking app works best. Check out TripLog. It has a 30-day free trial.

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