In the world of business, so much of your success can be traced back to who you know. But when it comes to online businesses and online marketing, so much of your time is spent by yourself with your computer rather than out in the world making contacts. But luckily, by securing the right partnerships with other online businesses or personalities, you can find ways to use this same principle to boost your business.

To show you how this can be done, here are three tips for creating beneficial online partnerships to help improve your business.

Partner With Those Who Will Excite Your Audience

To have the most successful online partnership that you possibly can, you first need to pick the right people, brands, or businesses to partner within the first place.

When contemplating who to partner with, Erin Geiger Smith, a contributor to, advises that you only pick a person or entity that will excite the audience and following that you already have. If you choose to partner with someone or an organization that is completely unknown to your target market, you wonโ€™t be able to get as much of an obvious relational benefit as if you partnered with someone that your audience loves and respects already.

Create A Link Building Strategy

When partnering with someone or some business, you donโ€™t have to make it this huge, public deal where you openly endorse one another or blatantly use their name. Rather, you can have more subtle partnerships with a lot of people or businesses that could prove to be very beneficial.

According to Felix Tarcomnicu, a contributor to, doing some cross-promotion through link building could be a great way to strengthen your partnership as well as improve upon each otherโ€™s SEO efforts. With this strategy, you and your partners will link to each otherโ€™s content throughout your own content. This can help you get some traffic from their following as vice versa.

Work With An Influencer

Another great online partnership that you might want to look into is working with influencers. 

According to Kristen Baker, a contributor to, working with influencers can help you branch out into markets that you arenโ€™t already in and give you a built-in following by leveraging the following of that influencer. Just make sure, however, that you pick the right influencers to partner with as well as having a solid influencer marketing strategy in place before you undertake this project.

If youโ€™re wanting to give your business a boost, consider using the tips mentioned above to learn how a smart online business partnership could help to accomplish this for you.

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