No matter whether you’ve already booked your trip to the happiest place on earth or are just beginning to plan things out – vetting out your options when it comes to photographing the big trip is important! We’re going to go through the top 3 tips when it comes to hiring a Disney photographer, to make those memories the best they can be.

1. Disney Photographer Experience

This might go without saying, but you want a photographer who has spent a considerable amount of time in the parks and hotels throughout the Disney World Resort in Orlando. If you’ve never been to Magic Kingdom or the surrounding parks, know that it can get very busy! The secret to great photos taken within the Disney World parks is crowd control! 

A good Disney photographer can anticipate crowd levels at different areas of the park and suggest time offerings that may be best. Don’t be afraid to lean on the photographer for suggestions or ideas.

2. Scheduling Flexibility

The 2 things that any experienced Disney photographer will need to balance include sunlight and crowd levels. This makes early mornings and early evenings the best times to shoot those beautiful family memories. Ensure the photographer you have in mind is willing to meet you in the park when it best suits the family.

Especially important when children enter the mix, first thing in the morning is usually best, as everyone is normally looking their freshest. Couple that with lower crowds and perfect lighting conditions, a great Disney photographer should be able to meet you earlier in the day.

3. Personality!

It’s no secret that kids and sometimes husbands too can be reluctant to put on that happy face when it’s time for the photoshoot. Finding an upbeat and fun photographer can make all the difference when it comes time to gather the family.

How can you tell? Give your photographer a call. Ask them if they have experience dealing with tired or ornery children. If they’re experienced with shooting in the Disney World areas, they most likely will be.


Take a look through some of the Disney World photographer’s past work and make sure it has the vibe you’re looking for. Lifestyle photography is the most trendy style as of late and works great with families and young ones as it’s loose and aims to gather unstaged, happy moments.

We hope this has been informative and will help you find a photographer to capture those memories for a lifetime to come.

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