If you’re considering purchasing a Can-Am as your next off-roading vehicle, the 2022 lineup of vehicles is pretty impressive. These UTVs feature the industry’s premier 200-horsepower engine, which is included in the Can-Am Maverick X3. New Mavericks also comes with a new roller clutch, and you can customize the vehicle with Smart-Shox suspension. Here are some of the reasons the Can-Am-Maverick X3 is one of the best on the market.

1. It’s a UTV for Racers

The Can-Am Maverick has a stellar racing record which makes it one of the best machines for competitive riders. Recently, off-road racers rode Can-Ams when earning five victories at the 2021 Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno race. Even the Can-Am vehicles that are not meant for races offer more technology to stabilize the vehicle for riding on rugged ground. While many racers say the vehicle is easy and fun to drive, high-speed racers may want to customize the UTV to give it a boost of power.

2. It’s Got Powerful Features

The new and improved engine in the Can-Am has new features for the newest model of the Can-Am Maverick. While the vehicles are relatively small, they are very powerful, and the roller clutch allows you to speed up faster and instantly turn the vehicle on at any time.

The Can-Am also has one of the best power-to-weight ratios compared to other UTVs in its class. It makes for easy handling and superior off-roading. Engineers from BRP have also included Smart-Shox suspension and Maxxis Carnivore tires on the newer models of Mavericks. The suspension and tires make it easier to travel over rocky roads and uneven terrain. Riders can also enjoy higher clearance in the newer Can-Am models. In addition, the frame for the UTV is made from durable materials to keep the vehicle intact during action-packed excursions. Professional racer Hailie Deegan stated that the Maverick X3 is an ideal choice “if you’re in the market for the best.” Deegan also shares that Can-Am continues to improve the quality of its vehicles with every product release.

3. You Can Choose the Type of Engine You Want

The 2022 Can-Am models come with one of two Rotax engines. You can choose from the HD7/700 ACE or the HD9. These two new engines were designed to replace Can-Am’s HD5, HD8, and 800 engines.

The company’s director of Global Product Strategy, Christian St-Onge states that the addition of the HD7 and HD9 engines make Can-Am one of the leaders in powerful UTVs. In addition, the director states that these powerful engines are ideal for both recreational and competitive riding.

The Rotax HD7 is set to be the next standard for engines when it comes to lower-HP UTVs. According to internal tests, the engine is up to 37% more powerful than previous models. The HD7 will be featured in the newest Can-Am Defender, as well as the Commander 700 and the Maverick Trail 700. Can-Am’s HD is specially designed for advanced off-roading trails to deliver an improved driving experience that is less noisy. The engine also makes the vehicle cooler and causes less vibration than previous engine models for a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

The Rotax HD9 engine was formulated to be the replacement for the HD8, the engine included in the Can-Am Defender product lineup. The HD9 is a larger engine with 30% more power than the HD8 and still offers low-end torque and reliable performance.

The Bottom Line

Can-Am owners assert that the vehicle is great for desert-like terrain but can get through muddy terrain fairly easily as well. Users also say the vehicle is easy to drive and even rides smoothly over gravel. These are just a few reasons by the Can-Am Maverick may be the perfect UTV for you. If you want to replace or upgrade parts of your off-roading matching, you can find quality Can Am Maverick X3 parts from trusted online dealers. Online social groups and marketplaces can also provide off-roading vehicle accessories to keep you safe and comfortable as you tackle the open road.

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