If you’ve bought yourself a new bicycle and cannot wait to take it for a spin around the city or in the wilderness, you should also look into some accessories and essential items before hitting the road. Unfortunately, when it comes to biking, your spending isn’t limited to buying a bicycle.

If you are a cycling enthusiast, you should invest in a few essential items that will ensure safety and elevate your performance. They will also make your experience more enjoyable and constructive. Here is a list of accessories that every bicycle rider should invest in.

1. Bike Helmets

The first thing you must invest in is a bike helmet to protect your head from injuries. Some helmets are also designed with well-placed vents that keep your head cool. Helmets are particularly necessary if you are taking part in a major cycling event or competition. When buying a helmet, consider factors such as breathability, comfort, and weight.

2. Bike Lock

To keep your bike from getting stolen, you must get a bike lock. If you use your bike frequently and park it at random spots, locking it with a secure bike lock is of utmost importance. U and D-styled locks provide a higher level of protection and make it difficult for thieves to unlock your bike.

3. Comfortable Clothing and Shoes

Riding a bike is not an easy feat. You need to sit at one angle for hours, which can be quite uncomfortable. Even if you cycle for leisure, investing in a pair of comfortable clothes will go a long way and urge you to cycle more. A pair of padded shorts and a waterproof jersey is the best clothing combination for cyclists. The shorts will prevent sores and the jersey will keep sweat away. Don’t forget to look for a pair of comfortable shoes that will hold the shape of your foot and prevent injuries during paddling.

4. Bike Pumps

If you notice a flat tire in your cycle and have no access to a repair shop in your vicinity, a cycle pump will come in handy. Maintaining your bike’s tire pressure is necessary to avoid accidents. Invest in a track pump that can be stored in your garage. If you are constantly on the move, buy a mini pump as it is portable and serves the same function. However, check your tires before leaving your house to ensure safety and convenience. Having a high-quality pump and a combination of affordable fat tires with you while riding are considered the fundamentals of great experiences when it comes to cycling around.

5. Bike Lights

Some regions have made it a compulsion to install white front lights and red rear lights on bikes. This is also necessary if you prefer to bike at night. Bike lights are categorized into two types: those that make you visible, and others that enhance your visibility. Take help from a professional to learn more about bike wheel lights and calculate lumens.

6. Water Bottle Cage

Cycling can be extremely exhausting, especially if you are out on hot days. It is necessary to stay hydrated. Buy a water bottle cage and ask any bike store to attach it to your cycle. These cages come with a water bottle that perfectly fits the holder.

7. Repair Tool Kit

You may notice a flat tire or loose screws on your bike, which must be tended to as soon as possible. When looking for handy resources for biking, we often forget a tool repair kit. It should contain screws, screwdrivers, tire levers, and a spare inner tube to combat unavoidable situations. More importantly, it should be light and compact to carry around easily.

8. Cycling Gloves

A pair of comfortable cycling gloves will maintain grip and make it easier to handle the bike. You can find several economical and well-designed gloves and sets online or in stores.

9. Cycling Pedals

For a better pedal stroke, consider getting clipless pedals. You may take some time to get used to such pedals, but once you do, you will never go back to the traditional way of pedaling.

10. Cycling Sunglasses

Every cyclist should have a pair of protective sunglasses that reflect harmful UV rays and protect your eyes from sun rays. Such sunglasses also deflect light, which improves focus and lets you concentrate on the road and cycle with speed. It also protects your eyes from dust, grit, and dirt that can ruin your cycling experience. Furthermore, such glasses prevent headwind blurs when you are trying to find your way.

These 10 items are a must-have for every cycling enthusiast out there. Whether you are a beginner or a professional rider, you must invest in these tools to enhance your performance and become an expert cyclist. While many of these tools are inexpensive, you must still set a reasonable budget beforehand to get a few of these essential items.

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