In the past 50 years, offices and working environments, in general, have dramatically evolved. Long gone are the days of cubicle-packed high rises; instead, welcome the introduction of open-plan, environments. Now the office of choice, coworking involves the sharing of a workspace by a number of different businesses, organisations, and independent workers, and it’s a working environment that is here to stay. Why is it so popular, however, and, most importantly, why is it something businesses should be investing in? Below are three reasons:

Technology and the general understanding of it is evolving

Due to the evolution of technology, the unique coworking environments have flourished and found their feet. However, they’re here to stay because of the way people are understanding and using technology as it evolves.

Today, what with the advances in computer technology and the fact that people know how to wield them, your workforce no longer have to share the same physical space to get their jobs done. Employees’ don’t have to be in a traditional office environment to do their work, because they can keep in constant contact with the office using the many tools of the Internet, including Skype and email. It means that, instead, they branch out, finding welcoming and inviting spaces to collaborate with fellow professionals, which allows ideas and inspiration to flow.

Coworking is proving popular with the freelancers

Freelancers and remote workers don’t have a fixed abode when it comes to their working life. They could work from anywhere in the world, as long as they’ve got the Internet connection needed to do so. This might sound great; no boss looming over your shoulder, what’s not to love? What’s not to love is the fact that working from home saps the inspiration to work and can provide many different distractions.

So, to escape the lack of inspiration and the time-consuming distractions without having to crawl back to a traditional working environment, they head to coworking facilities, such as those offered by The Brew. Here, they can get the dose of inspiration they need to see them through their working day, without having to go back to the traditional office.

Coworking facilitates networking, creates community and harnesses collaboration

People that are serious about their work know that their talent and aptitude for their subject isn’t enough. They know that they also have to build themselves a strong network to see them get the work and support they need. It is fortunate, then, that forging such a network is easier to do now than it ever has been due to coworking.

Coworking working environments bring together all sorts of people, every single day, from every background, walk of life, and industry. They allow for people to get to know each other, and get to know other markets, that they’ve never known before. What is most important, though, is that they create a communal working environment where everybody seeks to collaborate and make each working day better than the last.

Coworking is becoming increasingly popular, and after you take the points above into account, you can see that that is all for a good reason. Businesses no longer need to pay for employees to sit in their offices all day, so why should they? Employees no longer want to sit in their workplace’s office all day, so why should they say? People want to engage and collaborate with like-minded workers, and with coworking, they can.

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