Shipping a car can cost a lot of money, especially if it is a long-distance trip. That is why many people think about selling their car and buying a new one when they get to their new destination. However, shipping a car is cheaper than selling it and buying a new one. Read on to learn 3 facts you should know about shipping a car when moving to your new destination with state-to-state car towing company.

The Transport Time Is an Estimate

There are many external factors that shipping companies canโ€™t predict to give an accurate time frame for when your car will arrive at the required destination. For example, although shipping trucks are regularly checked to avoid mechanical failures and accidents, they still could occur suddenly, which can delay the shipping time. Moreover, the weather conditions might change while on the road, prolonging the journey. Therefore, the company would give you a relative time frame because if, for example, the car will pass through mountains and it is a rainy day, they know that the pace will be slow but canโ€™t predict just how slow.

Traffic is another factor that canโ€™t be foreseen by the company. That is why shipping companies usually give you an estimated time frame for when the car will reach its destination. Do not expect to get a 100% accurate transport time because it is impossible to foresee all of the possible scenarios that could happen on a long-distance journey.

Freight Hijacking Is a Real Thing

Around 25% of cargo theft incidents around the world are hijacking incidents because trucks are more vulnerable than other types of cargo carriers. That is why shipping companies nowadays are investing in advanced security systems as freight hijacking rates continue to increase. The most vulnerable cargos susceptible to theft are the ones left unattended. Nowadays, drivers are more aware of which parking locations can put the cargo at risk of being stolen.

For example, locations like gas stations and truck stops are considered unsafe. Hijackers value the cargo more than the truck itself, and that is why it is recommended to ship expensive cars in enclosed carriers to protect them from damage on the road and make them invisible to hijackers.

Note that all shipping companies are legally obliged to have liability insurance. The coverage you will get depends on your carโ€™s make and model. However, the insurance coverage is not the same with all companies, so you need to ask about the kind of coverage you will get before making arrangements with a shipping company. ู‹While surfing the web in search of a suitable company, check whether or not their website mentions that they offer insurance coverage. If they fail to do so, this indicates that the company is fraudulent and you should avoid dealing with it. Insurance is vital as it covers any damage done during loading and unloading the car, including dents,  scratches, and theft.

There Are High Requirements for Truck Drivers

Driving a truck is not an easy job at all, and the requirements needed to become a truck driver are high. In fact, nowadays there is a shortage in the number of drivers that meet these high requirements. A qualified truck driver should be as follows:

Physically Fit

Potential truck drivers undergo a physical examination before getting their license to get their overall health checked. Each of the body systems gets checked and categorized as normal or abnormal. Urine, blood, eyes, ears, and blood pressure tests are done to ensure that the driver is physically fit and alert. After getting the results, drivers are either clear to drive for two years, allowed to drive while having a regular follow-up on their health, or rejected because they did not meet the health requirements to drive a truck.

Psychologically Stable

Potential drivers should pass some psychological tests to ensure that they are mentally stable and fit to drive a truck for long hours. Truck drivers can spend months away from their families and spend very long hours driving alone on the road. This requires a strong mental condition and the ability to adapt to this harsh work environment.

Mechanical Knowledge

Truck drivers should know how to fix small problems they might face on the road, bearing in mind that there might be no one around them to ask for help or advice. Basic knowledge about the mechanics of the truck and its engine is required, too.

Having your car shipped from one place to another will cost you time and money, so you should compare different shipping companies to make sure you find the right one. It is very important to ensure that the shipping company you choose offers insurance coverage as various mishaps could happen on the road like theft or accidents, so you need to ensure that your car is protected against these risks. Depending on the destination, the prices will vary, and if your car is expensive, itโ€™s best to opt for enclosed carriers to reduce the risks on the road.

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