Accidents involving large trucks and cars usually have a worse outcome for a car driver. While you might think it’s only the truck driver’s responsibility to avoid these accidents, that is not true. More often than not, car drivers themselves are causing these accidents by changing ways improperly or not keeping a safe distance from a larger vehicle. Here are some tips for driving safely around large trucks and keeping everyone on the road safe.

Keep a Safe Distance

You should always avoid tailgating a truck and for several reasons. For truck drivers, the center part behind their vehicle is a blindspot. If they have to brake suddenly for any reason, they won’t be able to see you behind them, and you won’t be able to brake in time to avoid a collision. Plus, if you hit a truck from behind, your whole windshield will get smashed in, causing you potentially fatal injuries.

Don’t Cut Them Off

The same way truckers have a blind spot on the back of their truck, they have one in the front too. Trying to cut off a truck means getting too close to the front and the side of the large vehicle. If the truck driver suddenly has to do an evasive maneuver and they can’t see you, they will plow through your car. And even if the driver notices you, it will take them much more time to stop or change direction because of the weight of the trucks.

Avoid Parallel Driving

You can easily avoid an accident if you aren’t close to these large vehicles when they are turning. Blown-out tires on trucks are more common than most people realize, especially in Texas. If you get into a truck accident in the Huston area, you can contact a local legal representative. However, they will only be able to negotiate your insurance claim if the accident wasn’t your fault.

Watch for Signals

You will always have to watch out for turn signals if you are driving near large trucks. These are long vehicles that need a lot more room and time to turn. If you notice their signal to turn, keep your distance, and if they are coming toward you in an intersection, stay behind the stop line. Both of these actions serve to give truckers enough time to move on safely.

Stay Out of Their Way

Another good way to avoid collision with trucks is to always give them the right way. Let them pass before you so they won’t be close to you anymore, and anyone will stay safe. This is particularly true when driving downwards on mountain roads. Chances are, in these conditions, you will be moving much slower than a truck. If a truck driver notices you too late, there will be no chance for them to stop in time.

Being a responsible driver on the road is always important, not just when driving close to larger vehicles. Remember to be vigilant and use the proper signalization every time you drive your car. When it comes to trucks, you should also use common sense on the road. Sudden actions can distract truck drivers, making them react with a movement in the wrong direction, and they won’t be able to stop even if they wanted to.

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