The number of industries using podcasts in large companies for communications is continually increasing. Companies are now seeking more engaging methods to reach prospects, and corporate podcasts are the solution.

Nobody wants to read a 5,000-word article when they can connect their headphones and listen to their favorite podcast series at any time, even while driving.

Communication has never been easier! And guess what? Anyone can learn how to launch an internal company podcast. Keep reading to discover the reasons to get into corporate podcasting for company success.

11 reasons to start corporate podcasting

Podcast communications have the potential to contribute to your company’s success. Here are some reasons to consider starting a corporate podcast today.

1. Podcasting is easy to start

Asides from the communication benefits of an internal podcast for employees, one reason to start one is that it’s not very difficult to begin. Draft some internal communications podcast ideas, pick an excellent topic, descriptions, and a podcast host and you’re good to go.

In addition, learning how to record a podcast with someone remotely is pretty easy too. Just ensure you purchase good-quality recording and editing equipment.

2. Podcasting is a convenient means of communication

Using podcasts in large companies for communications offers convenience. With an internal company podcast, you don’t have to worry about choosing a suitable time to meet team members for information sharing.

A simple internal podcast for employees solves that. The important thing is knowing how to make a company’s internal podcast. Podcasting is very accessible, and listeners can play it anywhere while they are doing other activities. Subscribers get notifications of new episodes that they can play without having to search for them themselves.

3. Corporate podcasting is an alternative to video

Video marketing has always been an effective way to advertise a company’s culture and products. It’s important to note that shooting a video takes time compared to starting a corporate podcast episode. It requires more planning, edits, and potential rehearsals, which can be very time-consuming.

That’s where internal communications podcasts have the edge. Besides, some listeners prefer audio podcast content that is simple. Should you stop video marketing? Of course not! But consider corporate podcasting as an alternative method.

4. Corporate podcasts are more engaging

Nobody wants to write lengthy blog posts or newsletters that the targeted audience might not pay attention to. Instead, learning how to record a podcast is easier and works better. There is already so much information online in text, so recording corporate podcast ideas would be much appreciated.

Moreover, audio content builds more connection with the listener. There is a better speaker-listener link for spoken words that pass on the full message. An example is an internal podcast for employees from the CEO’s desk.

5. Establish brand authority with podcasting

One excellent reason to start a corporate podcast within a niche is how it gives you a committed listener base. When you learn how to create a private podcast on a particular topic, you become the go-to choice for related information.

The same applies to an internal company podcast. You establish yourself in the industry when the audience sees you as an expert in your podcasting niche.

6. Podcasting generates higher conversion

The truth about company success is that people buy from whom they trust. Trust is built over time by delivering quality podcast content. For instance, uploading a “how to start an internal company podcast” tutorial will leave the audience asking for additional guides to get started.

That’s the idea behind corporate podcasting. Build a listener base that gains from your internal communications podcast, and they will be comfortable supporting your brand.

7. Corporate podcasting generates traffic

We already explained how starting a corporate podcast can help build your target audience following. More active listeners will often translate to more subscribers. These subscribers can often recommend your corporate podcast to others, which increases traffic generation.

What is important is understanding how to create a private podcast that keeps the audience engaged. Your target listeners will remain, provided they keep receiving value from your audio content.

8. Podcasting boosts internal communications

Using podcasts in large companies for communications is another reason to consider starting a corporate podcast today. Podcasting is an excellent way for management to connect with employees.

For instance, sending out an internal podcast for employees that explains the latest changes in the company will receive more engagement than long email texts that might be lost among many other unread ones.

Management can use internal employee podcasts to share vital information, and it happens vice versa too. Employees can host inter-department podcast episodes.

9. Podcasting simplifies the onboarding process

Client onboarding or employee onboarding processes are simplified when you know how to make a company internal podcast. Corporate podcasting saves time, is more effective, and helps educate prospects on your brand and product.

Internal podcasts for employees can also be documented for employee onboarding processes. You don’t want to waste useful business time repeating the same company culture talk each time you get a new hire. So, a simple internal employee podcast does the trick.

10. Bring your remote workers closer with corporate podcasting

We’ve often seen situations where remote workers feel isolated because of distance barriers. In such cases, general zoom calls might not even be possible due to time zone differences or different work schedules.

However, starting a corporate podcast bridges that work gap between your remote workers and the onsite team. They can download and listen to the internal communication podcast at their convenience and never miss out on team news or jokes.

11. Podcasting provides an additional revenue stream

A private podcast can be a source of passive income, especially when the corporate podcast becomes popular. Growing your subscriber base and generating higher streams can attract potential sponsors and ad requests.

That’s more money through sponsored ads or even affiliate marketing. Of course, we don’t guarantee you’ll start earning extra income immediately, but it’s possible with some consistency.


While the idea of starting a corporate podcast for your company is a good one, understand that it requires proper planning too. It’s not just enough to know how to record a podcast; quality corporate podcast ideas and consistency are required.

Steadily build your listener’s interest and subscriber base with high-quality internal company podcasts.

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