Have you ever noticed that when someone enters the room, they become the center of attention? They carry something with them, that makes them stand out from the crowd: a charismatic personality.

Accept it: nobody wants to be boring and everyone wants to be liked—and that’s what charismatic people know, and others don’t!

Do you know, by doing a few little things, you can become charming too? Although developing charisma is a long process, below are 10 easy and practical tips that’ll instantly help you become the person whom people find attractive. And ya, these tips are for both men and women 🙂

10. Personalization Is The Way To Go

Be it a gift or a compliment, always personalize them. If you’re invited to a birthday party or a wedding, and you show up with a gift that almost everyone in the ceremony has got—that makes you no less than the part of the mass. But giving personalized can be a challenging, especially if you don’t know that giftee well.
Try giving an artistic gift because they can be customized to everyone’s liking. Do they adore their family or are absolutely smitten by their pet? Get them pet or family portrait made from their favorite photos.

9. Have Confident Body Language

It’s a cliche to write about how body language can make or break people’s perspectives of how they see you. You must have heard it a thousand times, and I’ll repeat it again: chin up, calm gestures, and open body posture will make you come as confident—in a sense, more charismatic. So walk proudly!

8. Maintain Eye Contact

How do you feel when someone looks into your eyes? Do you feel vulnerable and shift your gaze away? If yes is what you answered, you must develop your eye contact game right away!

Numerous studies have proved that strong eye contact is a trait of leaders of the world, and developing it can change your life for good. I mean imagine how wonderful will it feel when you can make eye contact with all the people in the room and they find you confident?

7. Be A Good Listener

Everyone has got a story to tell, but only a few actually wanna listen to it.  Not everyone is a good listener, and you can develop this trait to become more attractive in people’s eyes.

Once you start listening more, people will find you a genuine and caring person, isn’t that a wonderful thing?

6. Smile 🙂

You know, we make assumptions about people on the basis of how many times they smile. You must have assumed that a person who smiles less is rude, while the one who smiles frequently is kind.

Use this psychological trick for your gain—One of the biggest traits of a charismatic person is that they smile often. Smiling makes you seem like a happy-to-be-around person, and makes people around you joyful. Just don’t keep smiling every now and then, or else you’ll come out as a creep.

5. Dress As If You Own It!

No matter if you’re going for an interview or wedding or it’s a hangout with your best friends; you should always dress nicely that showcases your confidence. You don’t have to overdress for the occasion, you just have to put on clothes that you’re comfortable wearing and fit you nicely.

Also, put on some perfume that’ll leave an impression. In short, always dress for success when you’re attending an event.

4. Stay Calm

If you’ve ever noticed a charismatic person before, you’d have noticed how calm they seem to be in any given situation.  Whether it’s speaking out in public, doing a task, or if it’s a normal conversation—these peeps never lose a nerve even if they’re prompted during a heated argument.

Although learning to stay calm is a skill that’ll take time to develop, once you master it, people will see you as a confident person. Ever seen James bond? See how calm he is—whether he’s fighting a villain or is in a life-threatening situation!

3. Be Humble

One of the most desirable traits of charismatic people is that they’re humble. Being humble makes you an enjoyable person when you’re around people. We, as humans, have a tendency to be a little obnoxious (some are literally more!) and we may appear arrogant without even knowing—and that’s not a good personality trait!

Being humble and having a mindset that you’re not important over other people makes you more likable. In short, having humility is one trait that’ll instantly make you likable.

2. Stay In The Present Moment

In the era where we get distracted by our phones every other minute or two, staying in the present has become hard as ever. Having a short attention span means that you cannot stay in the present moment for a long time—there’s a thought or other distracting you constantly.

When you’re in the present moment, you are better able to communicate and vibe with the people around you—this makes you look like you’re interested in them. In their eyes, you become charming. So meditate, keep your phone away when talking, and learn to live the moment.

1. Give Compliments

As humans, whether consciously or subconsciously, we all seek validation from the people around us—that’s a natural instinct that we have. Giving genuine (not cheesy or forced) compliments is a way to become charismatic around people.

When you compliment someone, it gives them a sense of validation and they’re more likely to stick around you—that’s what psychology says. Also, giving a compliment makes a person feel good about themself which can boost their self-esteem.

When you make people feel good about themselves, they’re likely to hang out with you more. So give genuine compliments to people and watch yourself become charming!

Roger Dawson beautifully quoted about charisma:

“Charisma is the intangible that makes people want to follow you, to be around you, to be influenced by you.”  —and I cannot agree more.

Being charismatic is just more than influencing people—it’s more about how you organize your thoughts and make the best out of yourself, which is a trait of successful people. 

So when you wanna leave an impression on anyone you meet, you gotta follow the tips given above to become charismatic!

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