Designing a home is much of a talent that needs you to bring out the best design for your house with a small space. Having a limited space shouldn’t cut down your interior look aspirations. If you want to revamp your home, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the essential interior design rules before starting.

There are fundamental essential elements including proportion and choosing the appropriate size furniture for every room. In addition, you can apply some of the best decor tricks and tips to bring out the best of any space. The hacks will ensure your area is well put together than you might have thought without the help of an interior designer.

Here are some of the basics interior design hacks that will assist you in rethinking your home decor.

1. Creating More Light

Light is always thrilling indoors. You can add more light using simple choices. Go for sheer curtains or avoid curtains altogether in all spaces that are not private. However, if you still want window treatments, you can use extra-long pipes in place of curtain rods. The lines will be long enough to stretch your curtains across the windows when you draw them. As a result, you will get more natural light into your house. Also, it will create an illusion of a bigger window when you open the curtains.

Additionally, you can place mirrors strategically in your home to harness more light. Consider placing mirrors across from your windows, which will assist in bouncing natural light in all your rooms. The fact is that mirrors will reflect views, thus expanding space.

2.  Try Ground Mattresses Instead Of Beds

A2bcrafts posted a great idea on a simple low to the ground bed frame that is not that common in many homes but creates a cool looking effect. Choosing ground level mattresses rather than beds will allow you to utilize the space more efficiently and offer a high ceiling feel. Consider placing rugs around the mattresses to get a cosy and clean set-up. If you want some creative spark for this idea then check out these low level floor bed designs.

3.  Give Room To Your Furniture

One of the fundamental decor tips is moving your sofas away from the walls. You can also try keeping them away from various furniture pieces. The basic rule is to let your seat stay 45cm from your central coffee table. Allowing less space than this might make your room feel more squashed.

However, too much space can make one uncomfortable when trying to get a book or a drink. Also, when selecting a coffee table, ensure it doesn’t overpower the room. Your table should be about 2/3 of the length of the seat.

4.  Add More Layers

You can use different layers to add to look continuously. Layers could mean the art of mixing a various range of prints, colours, fabrics, and textures in a way that enhances warmth and character in your room. Layers will make your space feel cosy and homely.

Start by establishing one dominant fabric, and it could be a rug or curtain. Then make layers by adding small-size fabrics for lampshades and cushions. Give attention to your decor in terms of layers that you want to create, including pattern, artwork, texture, colour, lighting, books, and house plants.

5.  Introducing Crown Mouldings

Cornicing or Crown mouldings is usually a piece of decorative plaster that runs along the walls and ceilings. It comes in different sizes and shapes that most plasterers & renderers like RenderHero can fit with ease, and it’s most common in older houses. However, it can give your living room or bedroom a refined look.

6.  Combine Shapes

If your room appears as if it comprises many right angles and lines, consider adding various shapes to neutralize things and soften them with extra elements. One of the best shapes to throw into the mix is on-trend circles. It could be a round coffee table, a round rug or a pair of round side tables, and you have a wide range of choices.

You can make use of a round mirror in your living room, and it will go a long way in breaking up all those rectangles. For your bathroom, consider adding straight tile lines. Add as many shapes as you can. Large-scale mirrors will facilitate a sense of more space in small rooms while making an accurate statement.

7.  Get Two-Seater Sofas And Wall Mounts

If you love entertainment or an entertainer staying in a house with a bit of living room, you can make the best out of it by buying a two-seater sofa or sectional couch and adding several unique seats such as wooden stools and rocking chairs. Doing this will give your living room a detailed look. Also, it will make it easier for you to host a bunch of people without overcrowding.

Another trick you should not forget is going for wall mounts. The mounts will take up much less space than cabinets and console tables while still providing similar storage capacity. Ensure you throw in a beautiful rug to give your living room that finely curated look.

8.  Place Your Artwork At The Perfect Height

One of the critical interior design rules when hanging paintings and pictures is avoiding positioning them too high. Ensure you give them a human scale; thus, placing them at eye level is the best thing-approximate 145cm from the floor to the centre of your painting.

However, there are exceptions. For your more miniature paintings and a picture or favourite art, you can place them next to a lamp or on top of a side table, and this will offer an intimate feeling. When you create a gallery wall, hang the main picture in the middle, then arrange the others with it. If hanging pictures is a problem for you then check out our article on picture rails.

9.  Faking Height

If you have low ceilings, go for low-profile furniture, including coffee tables and sofas, it will build the illusion of the height of your house. Also, you can make an illusion of height by combining lower profile furniture with tall, slim bookshelves, which will draw the eyes upwards, making the room appear tall. Combining different sizes in such a way will also enhance a relaxed atmosphere in your home.

Painting walls, ceilings and skirting boards with a similar colour can also assist in creating an illusion of extra space. It will blur the lines of the starting point of roofs and the end of walls.

10. Hide All Your Odds And Bobs

Many creative types of storage have come about in recent years which allow you to keep things handy yet hidden away. These can be containers disguised as books, small safes disguised as clocks. On a larger scale side tables and coffee tables like these trunks that have large amounts of storage to hide away all of the mess that you either need or refuse to throw away which leaves a more minimal look and a sense of more space.

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