Yoga for Couples: 5 Poses To Do With Your Lover

Yoga for Couples: 5 Poses To Do With Your Lover
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Partner yoga is a unique opportunity to connect more deeply or intimately with a friend of lover. Experiencing poses with someone you trust fosters openness and awareness as well as an opportunity to explore this poses more deeply in your physical body. ​

 You are able to have your own experience within a couples’ experience, exploring not only your breath and body but your partner’s as well. Here are a few recommended partner poses to experiment with:

  • Seated Spinal Twist – Both partners will sit in a comfortable seated position. Inhale, lengthen through the spine and then exhale to twist. Both partners will place their right hand on their partner’s left thigh while placing their left hand on their own right thigh. Inhale and lengthen further, exhale and twist more deeply. When you are ready, switch sides.


  • Downward Facing Dog/ Backbend – have one partner get into downward facing dog. The other partner should place their feet in between their partner’s planted hands (they can be slightly in front of them if needed). The standing partner can use their hands to gently place their bum on their partner’s upper back and then release their spine onto their partner’s back. The standing partner can bring their arms overhead for a deeply gratifying backbend stretch. This should feel great for both partners. Take a few breaths here and then switch. (If this is uncomfortable, try a backbend over a seated forward bend with the same idea.)


  • Standing Forward Bend – both partners stand back-to-back, feet hip-width apart and allow your bums to touch (leave a 6-12 in gap between your heels). From here, lengthen your spine and then slowly release both of your torsos over your thighs. Reach and hold your partner’s forearm, elbow or shoulder. This is an incredible hamstring release and an opportunity for connection as you can see your partner through your legs. Experience a few rounds of breath and release when you are both ready.


  • Bound Angle – Both partners will sit back-to-back with soles touching and releasing the knees outward onto the mat (or cross-legged). Spend a moment experiencing breath here. When you are ready, both inhale and lengthen then exhale and have one partner lean back over the other partner’s back in a forward bound angle bend. Breath deeply here for several rounds and then switch.


  • Seated Wide – Leg Forward Bend- Both partners will come to a seated wide-leg forward bend. Have your soles touch and grasp hands. Take turns gently pulling your partner toward you. Allow them to experience the pose as far as you can comfortably assist them. Take a few rounds of breath with them and then allow them to release back to a neutral spine. Now, it’s your turn so enjoy!

Bonus Partner Pose: Savasana Massage – take turns in savasana and massage your partner’s neck and shoulder, hands or feet as they relax more deeply into the pose.

Om Shanti.

In 2007, Sam Kestle found home in her first yoga class. Since then, she has found grounding, awareness, patience and healing through her practice of yoga. She received her teaching certification in 2014 through Mind the Mat and is registered with Yoga Alliance (RYT 200). Sam is thoroughly committed to the healing process of trauma recovery. In 2014, she attended a  Kripalu Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training led by David Emerson E-RYT, author of Healing Trauma Through Yoga, and Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, MD, the pre-eminent researcher in the field of trauma. She believes that yoga is for every body. Her flows are inspired by the mind-body connection. She holds a safe space for her students, honoring every individual’s process in rediscovering and/or accessing wholeness. Sam’s mission is to help others feel comfortable in their bodies, relax their minds and find peace in awareness.
Dashama Konah
Dashama is a published author, athlete and multi-media producer with 23 instructional DVDs, multiple ebooks, and audio programs distributed internationally through,, barnes&, and A YouTube phenomenon, her online TV channel has grown to over 10 million viewers and 56,000+ subscribers. She is the creator of Pranashama Yoga Institute, Perfect 10 Lifestyle and 30 Day Yoga Challenge.
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