Zombies, perhaps, is the most common and not very dangerous hostile mob. They often appear on the surface at night, and in dark caves. Growling and wheezing will notify you of their approach, so you will have plenty of time to prepare for the meeting. Follow https://skins4minecraft.com and find zombie’s skins for Minecraft.

Zombies move slowly, attack in close combat. Zombies see the player and other targets from a distance of 40 blocks, so sometimes it seems that you are safe, but the zombie has actually already seen you. If you notice one approaching zombie, then don’t worry, even if you don’t have a weapon – you can safely kill him with his fists or shovelling under his arm. Solitary zombies are most likely not getting in trouble (unless they fall on their heads in the cave), the danger can come from a group of zombies in a narrow dungeon or from other enemies that can attack from behind and from a distance (even on the surface).

Mine-craft zombie

Zombies have a bit of natural protection (8%), which can lead to zero damage when you apply, click-spam to zombies with an empty hand or weak weapon, and they often appear already with armour, which gives them protection as well as the player.

In addition, at the level “Difficult” when dealing zombie damage (the damage isn’t important, the fact of damage is important), it can summon to help his congeners from a huge area (a circle with a radius of 100 blocks with a zombie wounded in the center) as well as just spawn other zombies around you and even behind your back, so it’s better to deal with a single zombie as quickly as possible.

Zombies burn out at sunrise, if they are hit by light from the sun, but can survive in the shade or in the water, as well as if they have a helmet, skull or pumpkin. Starting at 1.5, zombies inflict more damage, and burning zombies can set the player on fire when touched. In addition, the zombie has an enhanced version that lives in hot biomes: husk. He imparts the effect of hunger for a few seconds on impact, which greatly complicates the battle with the horde of zombies.

A single zombie can easily be attacked with a sword while standing still (in the attack, the zombie will be discarded). It’s also easy to attack them from an elevation of 2-4 blocks or through a break in the wall of 1 block. A group of zombies should be beaten, walking back in a straight line or in a circle. Sometimes turn your face in the direction of motion (don’t stop) to inspect the terrain for terrain unevenness or other enemies. It’s easier to beat the zombie that was closer. If you encounter several zombies in a narrow cave, then it is worth retreating to the nearest passage in 1 block width, elevation or builds on the way a zombie a wall with a window in one block.

To kill zombies from a bow is easy since they are slow and attack only in close combat. Often, the mob won’t have time to approach you while it is being shot.

Mine-craft zombie

If you going to storm the treasure trove with the zombies, grab a bucket of water with you. If you pour water between you and a crowd of zombies, it will become much more difficult for them to make their way against the current.

If you are near a reservoir, and you are attacked by a group of zombies, dive into the reservoir. All mobs (except octopuses) cannot dive. Swim under the zombies and hit them from the bottom. They won’t be able to inflict on you in such a position. You can just swim in a circle, using ground combat tactics with a group of zombies. The main thing is to destroy them as quickly as possible, otherwise, there is a risk of suffocation.

If you don’t have a sword or bow or feel sorry for them, but there is a flint, then you can move away from the zombie and light the block in front of him. Zombies are too slow to keep up with you, as a result, it will catch fire. It can also be used to gain an advantage over a large cluster of mobs. It’s important the fire to be gone before the mob dies, otherwise, you can lose the drop and experience.

If you find one-two zombies, draw their attention, and then build a pillar in 2-3 blocks under it and attack the zombies with the hand or a weak weapon. By morning, a huge horde of zombies from all over the county flows to you, which will allow you to get a large amount of rotten flesh and experience. Criminals, spiders and skeletons are better to be kept away, as falling into such a crowd of zombies are deadly dangerous.

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