Home security has been an issue ever since we have lived in larger communities. Most of the smaller ones donโ€™t usually bother with since everybody knows each other. Based on this article, it is just one of the advantages of living in close-knit communities like towns and villages. However, as you move to the more modern, bigger cities, things start to change. People want to secure all of their belongings as much as possible. You canโ€™t trust anyone anymore, and that should be the priority especially if you have a lot of items that you have bought over the years.

Before, the good old fashioned metal locks have always been the go-to choice. From padlocks to chain locks, everything seems to be available. Whether you are in an affluent area or the suburbs, you would always have a couple of these to secure your home. Most of them use keys to unlock, and there are so many variations that everyone has a choice. There are also these metal attachments that you can use as well. Doorknobs became another alternative to these locks as well, and it has revolutionized home security for the years to come. Read more about its development here: https://www.cracked.com/article_25730_door-knobs-werent-invented-until-after-civil-war.html.

However, the arrival of the internet made some changes. For one, most people are now moving to the internet. Almost everyone has some use for it, even in activities in which it did not need it before. We are now using it to do transactions, trading, and even education. Many are finding new ways of working through online ways. It is safe to assume that we are going fully virtual in this century. As long as we donโ€™t destroy our planet first, we will get to that point of progress.

Improving Security with Technology

Modern locks

Now, this has also changed the landscape of home security. The threats to the family and their properties have updated with the times. Many burglars and thieves now know that some of the older padlocks can easily be picked. You just need a thin and sharp object to insert through the keyhole, and with a few maneuvers, you are done. There are even tutorials online, as well as a training kit for lockpicking. It is that easy, and the proliferation of information did not help either. It is time for a change and a virtual one at that.

Z-Wave technology has been around for a long time now. It has been introduced as a way for users to automate their homes. Now, you can operate the security inside the house even if you are not physically there. Lock your door with this technology, and you will feel the difference.  With an internet connection, you can now secure your family and belongings from anyone trying to break in. This is all without bugging down your structure with cameras and high walls. It is a convenient option for those who want something a little more futuristic. Now, why would you want this? Below are some of the reasons why.

Reasons Why You Need This Now

1. Keyless Technology

One of the best advantages of this tech is its keyless feature. You do not need anything more than a connection between the device and your smartphone. This makes it easy to lock as well as open it when you need to. You can say goodbye to forgetting them keys as well since you donโ€™t have to bring it along with you anymore. It is so much better for people who keep forgetting to lock or bring their keys as well.

2. Easy Monitoring

Another great way of using Z-wave technology is through its way to record the people coming and going into your house. The sensors are wise enough to keep data and help you monitor all of it. This would also ensure that you can keep out other people who might not have the best in mind for you and your family. Also, this would aid security cameras as well. 

3. Safer for Your Family

One of the issues regarding padlocks and similar items is they are made of metal. They are quite sturdy, but it is also going to be exposed to the elements. According to this page, rust would appear after a few weeks under the sun and rain. Z-wave locks might just be a machine, but some of the best brands can stand the test of time as well. They are also usually located inside the house so it is difficult to take advantage of its program. 

4. Remote Controlled Locks

Smart remote controlled locks

As mentioned before, you do not need to be physically there to open or close the doors of your house. This is an advantage for those who are letting others rent their properties. You may have seen this before with Airbnbโ€™s and other rental schemes. You donโ€™t have to give them keys anymore as all they need to do is contact you as a landlord. 

5. Easy on Data Usage

If you want to have this on your home but are worried about the data, then worry no more. On maximum, every time you use this in conjunction with your smartphone uses less than 100 kilobytes per second. Thatโ€™s nothing compared to the images and videos that you are sharing across internet platforms. Learn more about these data amounts here.

Z-wave doors may be a new thing for you, and you might still be skeptical about it. However, you might be tired of changing the locks every month because it gets jammed. Keys are also easily lost in the way we live our lives right now. Everything seems so fast-paced that using these kinds of tools seems too slow for us. With this relatively new technology, you can now secure your home with just a few clicks on your smartphone. 

You need to remember to check on it every once in a while. Certain models might have some bugs or issues regarding their use. Before purchasing anything, read more about the models available online. Take a look at their functions and see which ones would work best for you.

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