Belkyra, also known as kybella, is an effective treatment used to remove excess fat from the chin. This treatment takes less than thirty minutes and can be used on anyone above the age of 18 years. Having a double chin affects the self-esteem of most people. Melbourne’s belkyra clinic has become increasingly popular for people seeking this non-invasive treatment.

Discuss your plans with your doctor

Before going for belkyra injections, it is essential to discuss the procedure with your doctor. This is a standard requirement for every cosmetic procedure. Your medical history and current health condition play a critical role in whether you will be able to have the procedure done.

For example, the doctor will want to know if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or even have plans to become pregnant soon. If you are currently on any medication, the doctor needs to know. This is to ensure there are no interactions between the injection and the drugs you are taking.

Find a professional trained for this treatment

Now that you have decided to get rid of the double chin, it is essential to get a doctor who understands how belkyra works. A professional will be able to tell how many treatments will be required to remove the extra fat from the chin fully. Every patientโ€™s requirement is different, and you need a certified doctor who can correctly determine how to schedule your treatments. This will help you budget your time and finances efficiently.

Even if you discussed with your GP your plans to go for belkyra injections, it is still important to have the same discussion with the cosmetic doctor. This way all the doctors are on the same page on how best to give you the treatment without compromising your health.

How Belkyra injections work

Each belkyra injection breaks down the fat below the chin. This injection contains deoxycholic acid which breaks down the fat. The result will be a more contoured jawline and neck area. The procedure permanently destroys the fat cells in the chin area through a process known as adipocytolysis. Once you have completed the treatment, you need not worry about fat storage under your chin ever again.

Before the treatment, the chin and surrounding area need to be cleaned well to prevent infections. The area will then be numbed before the treatment begins. Some people only need two treatments, while others may need up to six treatments. After the first injection, the next treatment should be anytime between the fourth and eighth week.

Some of the reactions you should expect after the treatment

Just like any other treatment, your body is bound to react to belkyra injections. Fortunately, these are superficial reactions that will disappear in a little while. Some of the side effects include bruising, tenderness, warmth, tingling, hardness in some areas, and itching in the treatment area.

It is essential to note that the belkyra injections remove the fat, but it does not have skin firming properties. Discuss the possibility of any additional treatments that will firm your skin after the procedure.

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