Honda is one of those brand names that is synonymous with excellence and innovation. The classic Gold Wing set a benchmark in motorcycling that has, arguably, yet to be surpassed.

If you search Honda motorcycle dealership Colorado, for example, you will see a wide range of current models that clearly demonstrate the standards that the manufacturer sets itself are being maintained with their latest offerings.

It has been a highly innovative motorcycle maker for years. Here is a brief look at some of its achievements.

The inspiration behind the name

When Soichiro Honda arrived into the world back in 1906 his parents could not have known that their son would go on to achieve legendary status in the world of motorcycling.

He served an apprenticeship at a garage in Tokyo and opened his own auto repair shop in 1928. After being injured in a motor racing accident in 1936 he focused his attention on creating a company that manufactured piston rings.

His business became a key supplier to Toyota. They would not have known that Honda would become a major competitor at that point.

It would be another 20 years on, when in 1948, the Honda Motor Company was formed.

Fulfilling a โ€œdreamโ€

It was only a year later that the first motorcycle rolled off the production line. As one employee remarked that it was like a dream coming true to see the finished product, this became the inspiration for the โ€œDreamโ€ model.

Itโ€™s official title was a Model D. But it was definitely a dream being fulfilled and the start of an amazing journey.

Setting new standards

Mr Honda was not a fan of two-stroke engines, to put it mildly. He set out to create a quieter four-stroke engine that would not create the same smoke and fumes.

The first four-stroke model it produced was the Dream E back in 1951.

Hondaโ€™s four-stroke models became a standard bearer in the motorcycle industry.

Revisiting old ambitions

Hondaโ€™s own ambitions of becoming a successful racing driver were thwarted by injury. However, he decided back in 1954 that he would put some of his focus into making Honda a name to be feared in the world of motorsport.

It took until 1961 for Honda to achieve a level of domination. They won the 125cc and 250cc classes at the Isle of Man TT races.

It has also become a leading contender in formula one racing and the brand has achieved iconic status at this point.

Setting the benchmark in motorcycle manufacturing

It was in 1968 that the 10 millionth Honda motorcycle rolled off the production line.

It has continued to dominate with its innovative approach. As far back as 1969 it unveiled the CB750. It became the benchmark for safety and performance standards as it was the first bike to feature disc brakes.

The impact that its Gold Wing model had is hard to understate. This water-cooled model has legendary status and is the epitome of Hondaโ€™s standards and innovative approach.

Its founder, Soichiro Honda, passed away in 1991, but his legacy definitely lives on.

Visit a Honda motorcycle dealer today and you will see all of the manufacturing standards of excellence and innovative features you have come to expect from this great brand name.

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