Improving your vocabulary doesn’t need to be hard. There are fun word games that are easy to play regularly, and you improve your vocabulary the longer you play them. Whether you prefer traditional games, computer games, or mobile games, there are available vocabulary-enhancing games. You’d be surprised at the benefits you gain from improving your vocabulary when you apply it in daily activities.

Read on as we check out some word games that will help strengthen your vocabulary and improve your knowledge.


Pictionary is an enjoyable brain teaser and vocabulary tester for young and old players. It has simple game mechanics and flexible gameplay to make fun to play alone or with as a group. PC and mobile versions of this game are challenging to play due to their random Pictionary Words Generator, which lowers the probability of repeating the same set of images in a short period. With most random generators storing thousands of words and images, it’s not only the player’s vocabulary that’s tested but their memory as well. There’s a low chance that the words and images you guessed now will be redisplayed on the next set.

To make the game more engaging, you can set the difficulty as progressive, starting with the easy words then progressing intermediate or medium difficulty words, up until difficult words. Time limits can be incorporated for an added thrill, or you can set the time as “open” or infinite to work on solving the puzzle at your convenience.


Finding and forming words within words can be challenging, as well as stimulating. Anagrams are simply defined as words formed from reordering the words of another word or phrase. The PC and mobile version mechanics are slightly different from the traditional game since the given word puzzles are jumbled words instead of proper words. However, the rules and principles remain the same: you need to form words by reordering the letters. Anagrams are enjoyable to play with progressive difficulty, starting with short words that one, two, or a few new words to form.

As the game progresses, the puzzle words become longer, and you’ll have more words to form out of the increasing number of letters. To make the game more interesting, you can choose a timed mode or a battle mode where you play against another player.


Scrabble is one of the earliest and most popular word games that you’ll enjoy due to its competitive setup. The game can be played with a minimum of two players and a maximum of four on one scrabble board. The PC or mobile version can allow you to compete against another player or play against a programmed opponent. The game can have many rules, though, which can be challenging for newbies to follow, but once they get the hang of the game, they can get easily hooked on it.


Another image-oriented vocabulary puzzle you’ll enjoy playing on your computer or smartphone is PicToWord. Its gameplay is somewhat similar to Pictionary but only gives two pictures instead of four. In PicToWord, you’ll need to guess what words the images are trying to form by picking from several letter choices given. It keeps you alert and sharp for clues as the picture puzzles provided can form words out of similar-sounding terms. The timed mode will make the game more exciting and challenging as you need to beat the time in solving the puzzle to advance to the next round.

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Strengthening your vocabulary shouldn’t be burdensome. You only need to have the will to pick up on the new words that get you curious or those that you haven’t known until now. Games are an excellent channel for learning where there isn’t much effort or straining involved. Improving our word power or vocabulary can be achieved through such means. When our minds are relaxed and stimulated with excitement and knowledge, we get to learn many things effectively.

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