Married women have seen impact on their sexual life after their male partner developed erectile dysfunction. The first indication is change in frequency of the sexual intercourse. They report fewer intimate moments as compared to pre erectile dysfunction days.

It must be mentioned here that erectile dysfunction is a common sexual issue. In majority of cases, it is possible to cure the problem and even reverse the erectile weakness. As a partner of a man with erectile dysfunction, you just have to maintain patience and support the man. Normally, a man will use Viagra 100 mg to get a hard erection. But the permanent cure is possible after proper diagnose of the issue.

Never consider his lack of interest in you as a personal mark on you

It is possible that your partner is facing the erection issue at the personal level. It is a considered as disgrace even for a man who is very open to you to discuss his erection issue. If you noticed his avoiding you, please donโ€™t take it as a sign of lack of interest in you.

Many times, women start suspecting man. But you should also have noticed his declining erection and less than hard erection in earlier sexual intercourses. Erectile dysfunction does not appear suddenly. It has its causes which build up in the body over the years. A man starts using Levitra 40 mg early when he sees a less hard erection.

Support your partner if he is in emotional turmoil

In younger males and even in married males, the erection issue could be due to some emotional and psychological matters. It is normal to have some tension or stress over some business or work related issue. Your behavior can complicate the simple issue. It is possible that you can make him discuss with you the basic issues. Delicately asking your partner can reveal the mental issues he is facing.

The problem with mental issues is that a man cannot perform the sex even with medicines. The thought process has to start the erection process. With your support perhaps, he can use erectile dysfunction medicines like Tadalafil 60mg for an erection. It is possible that with time the emotive and psychological issues will go. Or the man himself will feel less stressed with discussing the issue with you. These issues never affect the sexual life of a male permanently.

Lifestyle issues can see declines in frequency of intimate moments

When lifestyle issues are dominating the life of a partner, you can see the decline is stamina, energy and health. It will be visible to you that partner is not at his best health. It affects sexual life as well. Again, it will be wrong to blame the partner for neglecting you or losing interest in you, if he has no energy left for sex after the day. As a wife, or partner, you can help your partner to maintain a healthy lifestyle by home cook food, regular healthy diet, exercises and some relaxation. His excess indulgence in smoking and alcohol is a problem, you can ask him to restrict two habits to moderate level. A man with sedentary lifestyle and smoking will definitely face erectile dysfunction sooner or later.

Without his knowledge you can ensure a healthy diet at home

There is no point is blaming lack of frequency intimate moments on the partner after considerable time in marriage. The problem is when he starts avoiding you immediately after marriage or before marriage. But in mid life period, you ensure that both of you have regular healthy diet. Incorporate green vegetables, protein, and vitamin B complex into diet. The diet and a healthy lifestyle play an active part in maintain a healthy sexual life. There is no harm in using 100 mg Cenforce to spice up things. But a healthy diet and active life will reduce the need.

Instead of blaming or suspecting the partner, the best thing is trying to understand the basic issue. A supportive partner will ensure frank discussions and also use of erectile dysfunction medicines without any issue.

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