If you want to live a different experience for a while (or forever), Berlin is the city where you need to go and live. Located in the heart of Europe, it has got the best to offer between its Eastern and Western parts. Expats don’t feel completely lost and confused, but they also benefit from the difference they find, away from their hometown. Here are a few reasons why living in Berlin is a wonderful experience.

It Costs Less

Money does not bring happiness, but if you can save on global spendings, why not, right? Berlin possesses all the amenities that a capital city has to offer, yet the cost of living of the city is below most of them. For sure, saving money will awake the adventurous side of anyone. If it does so for you, learn more about removal from the UK to Germany, and start packing.

No Language Barrier

English and German languages are related. This said, they are quite different today. But that is not an issue, as you won’t have any problems addressing yourself to most people in this city, since a large majority speaks English fluently. Not having a language barrier is a major plus, when you move in to a new town. Just make sure to learn some German, once you start living in Berlin.

A Place to have Some Fun and make New Friends

In a way, Berlin is a bit similar to Las Vegas, in the sense that โ€œanything that happens in Berlin, stays in Berlin.โ€ When you go out at night, you never know what to expect. You are sure to meet new people and make friends, though. New experiences should come your way as well, as you never know what to foresee when the dark hours take over, in the great city of Berlin.

The Freedom to think as You want

This city is one of the most tolerant in the world. It is also very young and dynamic. You can offer your views on the world to others, and everyone will respect your opinion (as long as you are respectful of others as well, naturally). The city is filled with artists that are willing to recreate the world, on a permanent basis. So, if you enjoy philosophy, sociology and everything that has to do with humanity, you should find yourself in paradise, in Berlin.

Work Hard and Party Hard

If the way you imagine life is to do a minimum at work, and to head back to your couch as soon as you can, stay away from Berlin. People in this city are heavily involved into their work, and they know how to have fun, when the job is done. There is a very high dynamic everywhere you go. An electricity that you can sense in the air. Berlin is for people who want to have a life and to enjoy it fully. Those who are not into that beat, may end-up finding the city stressful. Better head to the countryside, in this case.