The International is the world’s premier Dota 2 tournament and one of the most popular eSports. The Arena Naţională in Bucharest, Romania, has been chosen as the venue for the game.

General information about the tournament

This tournament has been held since 2011. Valve organizes it. It brings together 18 top teams from all over the world. They qualify or get a direct invite for the highest score of the Dota Pro Circuit season. Teams compete for the Aegis of Champions, a shield-shaped trophy made of bronze and silver.

The Dota 2 pro scene is constantly evolving and improving. It used to be crowded with a huge variety of tournaments. Over time, a unique system of DPC stages was created where teams compete for ranking points.

However, every team strives to make it to The International – the biggest tournament with a huge prize pool. Traditionally, the top sixteen teams on the planet have all played there. But in recent draws, it has been decided to expand this number to eighteen.

The International is a very special world, consisting of many stages. Through these phases, the teams get battle-hardened and get closer to the cherished goal of the prize pool.

For people interested in Dota 2 betting, this tournament is the best opportunity. So what do you need to know, and what should you consider to make money on The International? Go to to find out more.

Lines and betting rules

Different bookmakers’ betting lines have bets on each match, the tournament winners, who will advance to the final, and which region the Champions’ Egida winner will come from. The following bets can be seen in the betting line-up for the pre-match:

  • Main Outcome.
  • Killing the first Roshan.
  • Even/Odd on the cards.
  • Exact score by card.
  • Total kills.
  • Card minute totals.
  • First blood.
  • First tower.
  • Card Total.
  • Handicap on cards.
  • Handicap on kills.
  • Race for kills and more.
  • Duel player betting (Frags) and Best of 2 maps are added in Live.

Qualification round

We advise you to skip the first qualification round, the open qualification match, and not pay too much attention to it. The open qualifiers are open to all teams. Ninety percent of the teams will be unknown. It isn’t easy to analyze the events that amateur teams will participate in. The first two rounds are played in the bo-1 system. It implies a high degree of risk.

Only the semi-finals and finals are open for Dota 2 betting. There the strongest teams face the underdogs. Experience and motivation to get to the biggest tournament of the year play a role. That’s why the good teams always start performing to the limit of their possibilities.

The main qualification round is much more interesting. We should concentrate on it. Here it is important to pay attention to why the team was left out of the main qualification round.

Note that the qualification playoffs differ from the group stage. Many favorites can afford to be soft in group matches, but the price for a mistake is several times higher in qualification matches. That’s why the strongest teams have to make a mistake. In the playoffs, you should always bet on the favorites.

Group stage

The format of the group stage at The International has been redesigned. Two teams leave the tournament after the qualification round and the others are seeded into groups. The first four teams in the group qualify for the winners’ bracket, while the rest must continue in the losers’ bracket. This arrangement allows the teams to approach the group matches more relaxed, as there isn’t much at stake. On top of that, each team has an eight-game winning streak of 16 card games.

This is the main thing to look out for. Often strong teams start the tournament without too much fervor, gradually adjusting to their opponents. Therefore the vast majority of series among tied teams will end in a tie. This is a very welcome option, as the odds for a draw are often in the region of 2. At the last International in Group B, many matches ended in a draw.

The second point concerns the tie-breaks. If the teams are tied on points, there is an extra match. It does not matter how the first head-to-head encounter in the group ended. It would be best to bet on the team that wins the group stage or the one that is better against the same opponents.

The Winnerman grid

The winger grid is structured so that pairs are drawn according to the final rank in the group. The strongest team in Group A is matched up against the weaker team in Group B. Therefore, in the first round of eliminations, you will often win by a whitewash.

It is better to bet on a total of over 2.5 games from here on. The closer the grand final is, the stronger the teams’ desire to stay in the top flight. This leaves only the strongest teams, who are virtually equal.

It’s worth refraining from picking a winner of the meeting, as the playoffs weed out the weaker teams with each round, while the stronger teams may surprise each other, with the situational factor largely coming into play. That includes a badly-timed Roshan, a badly-timed Fleece, and a badly-timed Fleece. That’s why encounters are often “double-edged,” and any team can pull off a surprise.

The loser’s grid

Start Dota 2 betting on the loser’s bracket from round two. The organizers have opted for a bo-1 format, with too many unexpected results and events taking place in the first round. To manage the pot wisely, you need to omit the starting series. But starting from the second round. It would be best if you bet on those teams that have fallen out of the winger’s net. Statistically, the loser teams are less mentally stable. That’s why even after their first loss, they will be reluctant to hand the victory to their opponent.

Grand final

The Grand Final of a tournament is a special world. Firstly, you should bet on a total of more than 3.5 cards, even though the odds are not high. Over the years of the tournament, there has only been one occasion when a finalist has failed to win by at least one individual card. It is necessary to analyze how the teams performed in the winner’s net if they faced off at this stage. If a team takes the lead in the small final of the winners, they will also win the grand final.

Tips on how to earn money at The International:

  • Control the pot.
  • Select some interesting bets.
  • Decide the spades.
  • Try LIVE Dota 2 betting.
  • Take more risks.
  • Study statistics.


The International is held year after year. During the tournament, bookmakers give good deposit bonuses with a low wager. Make accurate predictions. Over the years, certain trends have developed, repeated within each draw. If you analyze the peculiarities of each stage of the tournament intelligently and carefully, you can predict how the game will end. That being said, The International is the best tournament to bet on in eSports.

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