There is no doubt that nerds enjoy playing games in front of their computers and that they are good at it. But at some point, every nerd should take the time to go out and play with others. Airsoft is certainly a game at which they can excel. Here is why.

Translating their Video Games Experience onto the Field

First, let’s give a brief description of the airsoft game. It is a war game where the goal can be to either grab the flag of the other side that you are fighting, or a โ€œlast man standingโ€ battle. It involves weapons from brands such as Cyma for airsoft, with coloured soft ammunition marbles. It serves to see who has been touched by the shot of an adversary, which takes the person out of the current game.

It is easy to understand that all nerds who have been spending a lot of time playing computer video games, featuring a shooter, will be able to translate this experience onto a field of airsoft. More than anything, it is the strategy developed during their playtime that will serve them inside these battles. In fact, the hardest part for them will actually be moving around.

Using their Brain

Nerds are good at using their brain. That is something they will do, when they play a game of airsoft. They will know more easily than others, where to hide, and where others won’t expect them to be. This way, they can surprise and shoot them, in the process, getting rid of competitors, one by one. They will also build various strategies, when it comes to getting into the โ€˜end zone’ of the other team, in order to grab their flag and to claim victory. Although airsoft is a war game, which means that you need to use and protect your body from others, it is first and foremost a strategy game, which makes it the perfect activity for all nerds.

Becoming Popular

Being popular is not something that happens quite often to nerds. However, playing this game will certainly help them reach that status. Because they will be so good at it, everyone will want to be on their team, as soon as the first battle will have been played. This is the perfect situation for any nerd to show their best side of themselves: their brain. On the battlefield, there is no other body parts that are more beautiful. It will help any nerd make a lot of friends in no time, as these people will see a side of them that they don’t usually notice.

Going Out

Let’s face it, any chance that a nerd has to go out and show his best face, he should take it. Staying in your home, all the time is bad for your mental and physical health. So, the next time you are invited to an airsoft day, grab your best clothes for the role, and head out to the field. Chances are you will end up being the big winner of the day!

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