This kind of health care is also known as outpatient care or accountable care organizations. It is a type of medical care that is provided on an outpatient basis. That means that the patient does not have to get admitted to a hospital and they can be more comfortable than in the main building rooms. We are hopeful that that means that families can rest if they have traveled a significant distance. Some of the primary services you get include blood tests, chemotherapy, CT scans, and x-rays. Other services include radiation treatments, ultrasound imagines, and mammograms. Some of the places where you can get these out patience care comprises, in the doctorโ€™s office, clinics, and emergency room. They are also available in the outpatient care surgery center and even outpatient hospital departments. The questions remain, why are they beneficial?

1) Convenience

You will realize that many patients are shifting from inpatient to outpatient because of convenience. Many hospitals, especially in remote areas, are located very far away. Accessing them, especially at night, is quite a headache. That not to mention the congestion therein. Ambulatory health care services are easily accessible. Many people are busy and may not be available during working hours. The outpatient services are available even in the evening. Since they do not receive emergency surgery cases, you will not fear your appointment being rescheduled. Staff will contact you in advance before your appointment, and even after treatment, he will do a follow up to know your progress. Because of the monitoring, if there arises any complication, the doctor will already be aware of your background information. Treating you will be easy.

2) Cost-Saving

The cost therein is lesser than in the hospital by 45-60 percent. That means that the patient, the insurer, and the taxpayer will save some cost. Tax saving implies that there will be an improvement in overall health care. The lesser value does not mean that the doctors in these facilities are less qualified. The efficiency and lean structures of these facilities are the ones that necessitate the lower cost.

3) Improved Outcome

Surgeries and recovery are fast. If you visit ASN, you will not worry about infections since the rates are so low. Research recorded in the journals of both bones and joint recovery show of rapid increase in the hospital of UTI, pneumonia, and blood clots infections after ankle fracture surgeries. It was in comparison with ASN. The time you will spend in the ASN is far much less as compared to the time you spend in the hospital. It is according to the research conducted by Elizabeth Munrich together with Stephan Parente.

4) Specialization and Quality

It is easier to track the quality of care provided by hospitals as compared to the ASN. One thing you cannot ignore is that The ASN gives a particular focus to the selected number of procedures. They do them in high volume. As the doctors continue practicing, they perfect their skills. That means they will produce high-quality service to the patients.

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