Can we use unusual sexual fantasies to identify sexual deviance? Is there a connection between what people fantasize about and how they actually behave?

Another study focused on the concept of unusual sexual fantasy. In the realm of sexual fantasies, diversity is normal. Most of the fantasies in the survey did not turn out to be rare or unusual and only a few were considered typical.

Of the 55 fantasies on display, only two were rare. Less than 2.4% of the sample were related to bestiality and pedophilia.

Nine fantasies were statistically unusual. Seven of them fell into the category of “rare” fantasy in women. These included urinating on a partner (3.5% of subjects), wearing clothes of the opposite sex (6.9%), forcing someone to have sex (10.8%), abusing a person who is drunk, asleep or unconscious 10.8%), having sex with a London escort (12.5%) and having sex with a woman who has very small breasts (10.8%).

Interestingly, even among men, only four fantasies are considered unusual: urinating on your partner (8.9%), urinating on him (10.0%), having sex with two other men (15.8%) or have sex with more than three men (13.1%).

Five fantasies were statistically typical, endorsed by about 84.1% of participants. These fantasies involved feelings, stories in which the atmosphere and location are important, containing a lot of romance. Both sexes reported fantasies in similar romantic locations.

For men, typical fantasies included receiving oral sex and having sex with two women escorts.

On the other hand, themes of obedience and domination are common to both men and women. These topics were reported in approximately 60% of subjects. It is noteworthy that there was no gender difference for these topics. In fact, men reported fantasies of obedience in comparable proportions to those of women. This rejects the belief that men certainly fantasize about domination.

In fact, it was found that the themes of submission and domination are correlated. Many people with submissive fantasies have also reported domination fantasies with escorts.

Fetish and sexual fantasies with an escort

A fetish is a sexual emotion in response to an object or part of the body that has nothing erotic, such as shoes or feet. It is more common in men.

Many people with fetishes must have the object of their attraction at hand or fantasize about it, alone or with a partner like an escort, to become sexually aroused, to get an erection, to have an orgasm.

A person with a fetish might masturbate while holding, smelling, touching or tasting the object. Or he may ask his partner to wear it or use it during intercourse.

It has been found that the most common fetishes involve parts of the body (such as the legs) or its features (obesity, piercings, tattoos). Feet are by far the most common.

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