If you are sporting a brilliant beard, be it short-trimmed or lush and long, you are likely interested in the ways you can best manage and maintain it. Your face is the first and main feature that others encounter, as well as what creates an initial and lasting impression. Therefore it is understandable that people are invested in their facial appearance, and no less if they are growing facial hair. A straggly, poorly-kept beard is noticeable and often unappealing to others. Most importantly, it can make one feel less confident about oneself and contribute to a poor self-image. If this sounds like you, and you are here to learn more about beard nurturing and upkeep, you are in the right place. There are a few things you can be aware of, to assist in your grooming and care for your beard, and ensure you are keeping it in the optimal shape and health you desire.

Beard Hygiene

If you know the basics about hygiene and you wash your hair with shampoo a few times a week, then you might not be surprised to hear that it is no different for your facial hair. While your body produces natural oils to keep your hair strong and clean, it is still recommended to wash your beard about 2 to 3 times a week with shampoo. This shampoo should make use of non-chemical, preferably organic ingredients (as it is going on your face) and you do not need to be too generous with the amount you apply. Create a habit and before you know it, beard washing will become just as routine as brushing your teeth.

Keep Up The Moisture

If you have been growing a beard for some time now, you probably would agree that it takes a certain level of hard work to maintain your facial hair. The same goes for moisturizing, as nobody likes the look or feel of overly-dry and coarse beard hair. It is advisable to use specialized beard oil, such as the one featured by https://thekingbeard.com/. This type of product ensures your facial hair stays hydrated, strong, as well as soft. We like it because it uses 100% natural ingredients, because, as discussed above, it is going on your face, after all.

Trim Your Beard Regularly

While your goal might be length and strength, there is a common misconception that if you cut, shave or trim your hair, including facial hair, it will be shorter. This is incorrect, as regular trims allow hair to stay healthy, thick and actually encourages growth. When cut regularly, hair becomes less damaged and thus will break less, keeping it looking thicker and fuller. So creating a regular habit of shaving or trimming your beard every couple of weeks will go a long way in promoting that full-bodied look.

Growing and wearing facial hair in the form of a beard is often a feature of great pride for many individuals. While it does not need to require an excessive amount of time, resources, and money spent to maintain it, your beard does require some level of effort and care. This conversation is for those looking to keep their beard in optimum condition with just a little TLC.

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