They are hot, they may or may not be steamy, and they always make you sweat. Not sure what the common link is here? Well, saunas of course! Rooted in old Finnish and Scandanavian tradition, saunas are becoming increasingly prevalent in spas and private dwellings around the globe. Booming in popularity for a reason, these superheated enclosures are engineered to make your internal temperature rise and your sweat glands work overtime. Though it may not make sense, there are tons of amazing health benefits that can be achieved by penciling in a sauna sweat session each day. From helping with sleep and relaxation to relieving soreness and pain in the body- the list of positive results that people have seen with regular sauna use is extensive. Still on the fence? Here are the main things you need to know about the wonderful world of saunas.

Relaxation Remedy

Almost at the point of being synonymous with relaxation, saunas have been touted to the masses by offering an escape from daily stressors- and the science behind this stress reduction is absolutely sound. Saunas have been proven to loosen phlegm, improve circulation, and increase cardiovascular health. So not only are you able to metaphorically take a breath, you are physically reducing your stress levels and improving your breathing functions. Additionally, a sauna is a perfect place to focus on your breathing, meditate, or read that book youโ€™ve been meaning to get around to. A mentally clear and physically relaxed state is shockingly easy to arrive at once youโ€™ve entered the haven that a sauna provides. Total relaxation is literally just a matter of stepping out of your head and into the heat.

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Weight Loss Aid

When sitting inside a sauna blood vessels widen, and your heart rate takes flight. As a result, your circulation increases much the way it would during a low impact exercise routine or jog. In combination with the amount of sweat lost during a lengthy period spent in the sauna, weight loss can and will be experienced. More importantly, you will notice an improvement in cardiovascular health and overall vitality. A boon to your general health, not only will spending time in the sauna help shed some extra pounds, it will boost your health and make other weight loss activities easier and more enjoyable.

Skin Care Saviour

For years, Scandanavian people have been the envy of the globe for their glowing and youthful appearance. By incorporating saunas into their lifestyles they have been able to keep their skin supple, smooth, and radiant well into old age. The correlation is well known and has been strengthened by research into anti-aging, healing, and detoxifying. Particularly seen in infrared saunas, saunas can work wonders for your skin by promoting detoxification, collagen production, and skin exfoliation and repair. Many with scarring or eczema have found relief with regular infrared sauna use triggering rapid skin regeneration. Acne and signs of aging can also be safely and effectively treated in the sauna as the infrared light and increased temperatures promote cleansing, disinfection, firming, and strengthening of the skin. Basically, if youโ€™re searching for clear, smooth, skin saunas are some of the best tools you can possibly use.

Pain Relief

Everyone is familiar with the repercussions of going a little too hard at the gym. The next day, your body is stiff, your muscles are sore, and everything just hurts. Stretching will only help so much, but saunas might be the salve you are searching for. If used correctly, saunas can be a huge help when dealing with pain or even hypertension. Increasing circulation is known to soothe muscle soreness, improve joint movement, and can even help alleviate arthritis symptoms. Skip the pain meds and put the pain to bed while getting your sweat on inside a sauna.

In a nutshell, there is a lot to know about what saunas can offer. Without research, itโ€™s easy to see how you could be sleeping on such an amazing and ancient health tool. A swiss army knife of physical and mental benefits, an hour in the sauna could act as your jog around the block, meditation session, and facial all in one. Whether you need time to relax, revitalize your body, detoxify your skin, or alleviate some physical pain- saunas can do it all. So next time youโ€™re wondering what the point of sitting in a small wooden room is, think again. Saunas have been around for a long time, and the more you get to know about them, the more there is to like.

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