The COVID 19 pandemic has hugely affected and changed our ways of life. We have been left with strict safety measures to follow so we can keep ourselves and others safe from the virus. While the rate of infection had started going down in many places several months back, the number of new cases and deaths from COVID-19 started spiking a few weeks ago after the second wave struck. As we wait for the newly discovered vaccines to reach us, it is only paramount to observe safety measures and adapt to the new normal.

However, this doesnโ€™t necessarily mean that you canโ€™t live your normal life. As long as you follow the protocols laid down to curb the spread of the virus, you can live a normal, safe, and healthy life. In the middle of the pandemic, here are some things you can do right now to stay safe and live a normal life.

1. Observe Social and Physical Distancing

Social and physical distancing is an effective measure to prevent spreading or contracting coronavirus. Always ensure you keep your distance, at least 6 feet away from others, especially persons that are not part of your household. This specifically applies to when you are out there in public.

2. Keep Your Face Mask On

Facemasks are among the most effective weapons against the spread of COVID-19. By wearing a facemask, you are not only protecting yourself but also the people you interact with. Note, the face mask should be covering both your mouth and nose for maximum effectiveness. You also need to avoid touching it or removing it from time to time, which is sometimes impractical. To minimize frustrations and maximize safety, and Athletic Face Mask is ideal. These masks are created with superior features such as replaceable filters, earphones, and a mic for answering your phone calls.

Along with quality construction, these features allow you to keep your mask on full-time without discomforts. You may only need to remove it when you need to have a bite or sip some water.

3. Hand Washing

Ensure you wash your hand soap and running water frequently for at least 20 seconds. Also, remember to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer in cases where you cannot access soap and water. This is an effective way of suppressing the COVID-19 virus while also keeping other disease-causing germs at bay.

How to wash your hands like  a nerd

4. Cleaning and Disinfecting

On a daily basis, ensure you clean and disinfect the frequently touched surfaces in your home, office, or workplace. These would include tables, doorknobs, countertops, light switches, desks, handles, phones, toilets, keyboards, sinks, and faucets, among others. For the surfaces with a lot of dirt, first, use a detergent or soap and water followed by disinfection.

5. Practice Safe Grocery Shopping

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there are established food safety guidelines to be followed by consumers during the Coronavirus pandemic period. Some of these include disinfecting shopping carts regularly, cleaning groceries with plenty of running water, and, of course, limiting the number of grocery visits to enhance social and physical distancing.

6. Monitor Your Health Daily

Always be vigilant of any COVID 19 related symptoms, especially if you work in offices or workplaces that are difficult to keep at least 6 feet social distancing. Always be alert of fevers, coughs, breath shortness, and any other related Coronavirus symptoms.

Finally, you also need to practice mindfulness and stress relief activities. These help to keep your mental and emotional wellness in check. Take some time to relax and calm down your mind through activities such as meditation as frequently as you can.

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