Anyone who has ever moved knows the feeling of empty spaces where all your belongings used to be. For some, it’s natural to feel that way. Others need a little assistance in getting over it. Not only is packing your home for a move one of the most stressful things you can do, but there are also so many things you can get rid of — or not get rid of — to make the whole process easier for yourself and your family. Here’s what you need to include when packing your home for a move.

Essential tools and supplies

Moving can be a little messy, even with the best of intentions and assistance from Because of the specialized nature of your move, you’ll need tools and supplies that are designed for moving. These include items designed specifically for packing and unpacking furniture, as well as items designed for moving in general and long-distance moving in specific.

These can be:

  • paper boxes for packing things;
  • multicolored tape;
  • fillers;
  • multicolored markers;
  • film;
  • lifting straps.

Comfort items

If you’re moving far away, or you’re moving to the other end of the country, you’re probably going to have some extra time before you have to be completely settled in. In that time, you’ll want to pack some things to make your new home feel more like home as soon as possible. These can be small things like a bowl of candies on your coffee table, but they can also be a thermos of a hot tea or a new throw pillow on your couch. As long as it doesn’t have to be unpacked right away, these items can make your new home feel more like home right away.

Personal items

Moving is a big deal, so it’s natural to want to unpack everything you own and put it where it belongs. However, unpacking everything in a new home has its own difficulties as well as its own stress. If you want to keep unpacking to a minimum, one way to do that is to put some of your personal items in storage and bring them out one at a time as you begin to unpack your new home. Some items that can go in storage are odds and ends you don’t use often, clothing that doesn’t fit well or that you don’t wear often, and books that you know you won’t have time to read. Putting these into storage can allow you to keep unpacking to a minimum while still having some things that are significant to you.

Don’t forget to include:

  • documents;
  • toiletries;
  • kitchenware;
  • furniture;
  • decor items;
  • your pet’s stuff (if any);
  • books;
  • pictures and albums;
  • hobby stuff


Most of us dread it because we know it means we’ll have to pack our things in boxes and lug them from one house to another. But moving can be so much easier when you have a packing checklist prepared ahead of time.