By far, t-shirts are the most popular promotional items. Almost everyone has a t-shirt, and this makes them a crucial investment for any brand. Custom t-shirts are now a trend in various fields. You can have some t-shirts printed for a weekend away with friends, or for your company. Whatever, the reason, it is always vital to spend a few minutes reviewing what you want in your t-shirt. This article guides you through the things that you should look for when buying cheap custom t-shirts.

  1. Purpose. People go for custom t-shirts either for individuals within or outside their groups. The benefits of custom t-shirts depend on their purpose. Using t-shirts to market your company is an excellent way to pass your message. The success of the t-shirt market depends on you and how you distribute them. However, it is crucial to note that people are more likely to invest in a brand they have seen around.
  2. Design. When it comes to the design of your customized t-shirts, there are limitless options to consider. You can always use another personโ€™s imagination when designing your custom t-shirt. Whether you want to do the designing by yourself or you will have someone do it for you, there are several designs to consider during every designing phase. he complexity of the designs depends on the printing method you choose, with screen printing, for example, offering vibrant colors and intricate details. On the other hand, with direct-to-film printing on theย Prestige DTF printer,ย you have the advantage of producing high-resolution, photo-quality designs that truly stand out.
  3. End User. Who are your customers? Do they tend to be male or female? What is their age bracket? What type of t-shirts are they likely to wear? All these questions will help you get an idea of what your end-user would want. The items will also help you when choosing the design of your t-shirts. Having the right idea about who will wear your customer will spare you a lot of time and money when buying the t-shirt.
  4. Color. The color of your t-shirt can make or break the design. The more colors in your t-shirt, the more expensive it will be to print. As such, it is recommended that you choose a maximum of three colors. You can use more colors, but this will complicate the pricing process. Nevertheless, you should ensure that you convert your designโ€™s colors to PMS color profile before printing. PMS colors ensure that your logo appears in the exact color you want.
  5. Fabrics. Another thing to consider when buying a custom t-shirt is the right fabric. Different occasions and activities require different materials. The common types of t-shirt fabrics include cotton, polyester, and blends. Most manufacturers use cotton since it is soft, light, and affordable. Cotton t-shirts are also comfortable to buy in bulk. Polyester is known for its durability, quick drying, and resistant to shrinking or stretching. Polyester t-shirts are ideal for outdoor events. Blended fabric combines the best characteristics of both polyester and cotton. Blended t-shirts are lightweight and breathable. Due to the combined characteristics, blended t-shirts are ideal for long and performance wear.

Apart from these factors, you should also consider looking for an affordable printing company. Visit this cheapest T-shirt printing in Singapore for a good deal.

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