Pests like cockroaches, rats, spiders, flies and other insects in our dwellings can be a real threat. They carry diseases as well as creeping the hell out of us. The best way to get rid of them is to recruit a pest control service. If you’re experiencing pests in Boise, you may hire a Barrier Pest Control service. Let’s take a glance at a couple of points those help you in preparing your residence for pest control treatment:


Displace all big electronic appliances and any large piece of furniture away from the corners of your dwelling. It makes it easy to access every corner of your space for pest control professionals. They can reach the corners in which the majority of pests flourish. It also prevents your furnishings and equipment from splashes and sprays of chemicals that are used during the pest control process.

Clothes And Furniture:

  • Make sure to plastic wrap things like clothes, children’s toys, jewelry make-up, toiletries, etc. And, if possible store such wrapped items inside cabinets. Seal the gaps of the drawers and doors with broad sellotape. Masking tape is not suitable because it’s made of paper and absorbs the chemical substances while spraying.
  • Remove all bed linen, blankets, pillows, mattresses, curtains, etc before starting pest control and ensure storing them away. Use plastic wrapping when you run out of storage space.

Kitchen And Dining Area:

Clear out the dustbin, small kitchen appliances and countertops from the kitchen and the dining area. Clear your all kitchen drawers and cabinets as they are more prone to pests. Wrap up all the utensils into plastic bags and cover up all the furniture like chairs, tables, and sofas with plastic.


Pets are generally highly vulnerable to pest control chemicals. It will be perfect if you leave your pet at a neighbor’s or a friend’s house for the duration of the pest control treatment.

Keep The Bedding And Toys Of Your Dog Carefully:

  • The solid plastic layer should be added to the aquarium. Before beginning pest control, make sure the fishes in the aquarium have sufficient food for the interval.
  • Ensure turning off any aquarium air pump as it may release airborne chemicals into the aquarium. As a consequence, fishes may threaten. 

Paintings And Flower Pots:

 The paint of your walls may not like chemicals that will be sprayed while pest control treatment. So try to put plastic on them. It is ideal to leave all flower pots and other decorative vegetation into the open air.  You may either use your balcony or roof for storing such items, but ensure that such places would not be sprayed. 


Pay special attention to your toothbrush, floss, shaving razors, scrubber, etc. Moreover, change your soaps and cloth detergents after finishing the treatment.

To Wrap Things Up

Make sure your food, clothes, furniture, and other paraphernalia are properly stored before beginning a pest control treatment. Moreover, once the procedure is over, use paraphernalia in a way that the chances of re-infestation are diminished.

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Pets are generally highly vulnerable to pest control chemicals

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