Gaithersburg, MD, gets around 42 inches of rain a year and has the ideal climate for tree growth. Tree roots are usually not the problem when it comes to drain clogs.

Other organic debris like food scraps, paper products, and yard waste get washed into your drains and meet up with accumulating grease in your kitchen sink; this creates the perfect environment for foul-smelling odors and overflows.

However, tree roots do invade sewer lines regularly, especially in old or damaged pipe systems, where trees feed on the remaining structural integrity of the line while growing larger themselves.

Often, during spring rains, these roots push through cracks in broken pipes. However, sometimes, they can grow long enough to block multiple sections of your line all at once (“tree root balls”). If you suspect that tree roots have invaded your drain, contact reliable Gaithersburg plumbing professionals.

Tree Root Invasion: What Should You Be Looking For?

Trees like oak-hickory, willow, and hazelnut are common in Gaithersburg. Since all these trees have strong roots, paying attention to your plumbing system is vital if you have them in your yard.

You will see a few signs if tree roots have invaded your drain and damaged it beyond repair. First of all, you may notice that your sinks are draining slowly. This is because the tips of those pesky roots are blocking the openings in your pipes.

To make matters worse, as they grow larger, absorbing water and nutrients from the soil around them to sustain their growth, they cause additional cracks in the structure of your pipe system; these cracks encourage further invasions by more root growths.

Because these invaders split up underground very quickly, you may find yourself faced with multiple clogged drains throughout your home or business at once – this is a telltale sign of tree root problems.

If water is coming up through your drain, the damage to your drain pipe may be more severe. A typical result of tree root invasions is a broken drain line that allows groundwater to rise into the plumbing system. This issue can cause massive overflows within your house or business.

How Can You Prevent Tree Roots from Invading Your Drain?

It isn’t always possible to prevent roots from growing near your home or business. However, there are several steps you can take to protect yourself against potential problems with these invaders:

How to Get Rid of Tree Roots?

Plumbers offer a hydro-jetting service, where they use high-pressure water to clean out the inside of your drain line and push roots back down into the soil. Hydro jetting is easy and affordable and can save you from replacing an entire pipe.

However, this cannot be done without specialized equipment and training, so if you suspect a tree root infestation in your home, you must immediately schedule an appointment with a local Gaithersburg plumbing service. These experts have the resources, knowledge, and the tools to effectively get rid of roots in your drain pipes.

It is very important that you donโ€™t try to do it on your own, as roots are very abrasive and can easily damage your pipes even further if you force them out. 

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