LLM, also known as Master of Laws, is a degree that is growing fast worldwide.ย  At the University of London (UoL), students enjoy an extraordinary learning experience, from the lecturer to student ratio to the active participation of students in all aspects of campus life.

The University of London holds the record of being the first university in London to have educated its students on all levels of legal education, beating its competitors in the quality of education it offers. LLM is a comprehensive course that requires specialization. An initial general post-graduate degree is offered before the student can specialize. There are over 30 specialties offered at UoL such as Commercial and Corporate Law, Human Rights Law, Public International Law, International Business Law and Banking and Finance Law just to name a few. The ease of selecting what area in law to take up is heightened because students are given a chance to go out into the field and showcase and practice the skills they learned and wish to employ in their future careers.

International students are especially drawn to study at this university because they familiarize themselves with international law and hence broaden their knowledge onย foreign lawsย and matters. This makes it possible to reach out to more clientele worldwide requiring legal assistance and representation.

Students are given a chance to take part in in-class presentations and deduce professional qualities from each other through reading each othersโ€™ work. The lecturers are actively involved in their studentsโ€™ studies, with the teacher-student ratio being very high. The students also network with renowned professors of law from reputable institutions such as University College London.

The UoL also increases its accessibility by not requiring applicants possess a Bachelorโ€™s degree to apply. A student can progress from a diploma or postgraduate certificate and eventually get to Master of Laws. One can also adjust their study timetable to suit their financial capabilities and time. The course takes 1 to 5 years to complete hence providing ample time for any adjustments for learners.

Studyingย LLM at the University of Londonย is in itself a great opportunity and no doubt the best choice.

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