Back in the day, adding on a few cheats to your favorite game to enhance the gameplay and the abilities of the character just required you to hit a few buttons while you were playing, or you could enter a few lines of text on PC versions, and you were ready. You could easily get infinite ammo or health, excessive amounts of cash, or anything else that was exploitable. However, as game developers have moved on to more advanced game engines and game development techniques, and as games have now started using more complex hardware, using cheats is no longer quite the same, but still very possible. More than giving you a competitive edge over other players, it’s a way to explore the hidden treasures in a game that can’t otherwise be accessed. It’s also a fantastic way to do things in a game that would otherwise not be possible as a plain player.

Using cheats today will usually require the cheat script to be injected into the game. Basically, you are inserting a line of script into a string of the original code of the game. The kinds of injectors and kinds of injectables are many and depend on the game and the feature that you want. These are some basic things you should know about cheat injecting, cheat injectors, and what it’s all about.

1. Your Platform

The way that you can inject cheats and how efficiently you can use them will greatly depend on your platform. Cheat injectors are specifically used for PC games that allow you to modify the source code of the game. Depending on whether you have the game installed on your system, or whether you are playing through a gaming platform like Steam or Origin, your hack injection strategy will differ slightly. If you plan on applying cheats, do your research beforehand so you can get the right tools for the job.

2. Equipment

First and foremost, the injector. There are a whole lot of injectors currently available depending on the kind of work you need to do and you can even get some injectors that are specific to certain games. However, if you are looking for injector options, you can have a look here to see what’s available and what will work for you. Using the injectors is relatively easy, though, if you have some experience with coding and are familiar with computer language, this process will be a lot easier. Modern injectors do try to make it a point-and-click process, but if you get stuck you might have to fiddle with some code.

3. Doses

When you have an injector ready to use the next thing to get are the Dynamic Link Library Files (DLL Files) that you will inject into the memory of a certain process. The kind of DLL file you will use will depend entirely on the game you are playing and the specific thing that you want to achieve in the game. Generally, with millions of players around the world using cheats, you will easily be able to find a DLL file for your game to do what you need. In the case that you can’t find it, you can always develop your own DLL file, if you know a bit about C# or VB.NET.

4. Security

Both gaming platforms and game developers are aware of the fact that cheats are being used, and one of the reasons why they are rolling out updates every month is because those updates have security patches that make existing cheats obsolete. Moreover, they also highlight these cheats in the games’ security framework. If you use an outdated cheat you are most likely not going to get through because of the security. You also need to have an idea about the security framework of a game if you are developing your own cheats.

5. Success

While a proper implementation of the injection process should get you up and running, there are exceptions. Mistakes in the implementation of code or the use of injectors can cause problems. You might see the game not performing normally, you might see the game isn’t launching, or worse, you might see that your computer is acting up. Cheat injectors also tend to have problems with Antivirus software which makes using them a little tricky.

Plenty of people around the world are not only using cheats regularly, but they are also developing new ones and improving existing ones all the time. Whether you want to gain an advantage over average players in the game or you just enjoy being able to tweak the game and customize it to your liking, cheat injection is useful for a lot of things. Though just as with gaming itself, when it comes to cheat injections, practice makes perfect.

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