One of the most common questions when it comes to topics related to sex is precisely this one. However, there’s not a single answer because this topic is generally very complex and encompasses a variety of different things.

What’s safe to say is that it involves psychological, biological, and at times, even our social environment. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that so many people are confused about this whole thing.

But don’t worry. If you’re currently searching for answers, then you’ve come to the right place, because today we’ll discuss many things that determine sexual attraction so scroll below to find out more.

Different Factors That Determine Sexual Attraction

Someone’s Appearance

It doesn’t matter whether you’ll run into someone in the real or virtual world, there’s no doubt that the first thing you notice is how someone looks. If a particular individual is appealing and attractive to you, you will most likely be interested in learning more about this person.

Many studies have shown that physical attraction is frequently instant and can influence energy levels, feelings of excitement, and yearning for a physical connection as soon as you lay your eyes on someone.

That’s how some people define “love at first sight”, although it’s not actually love, but rather a plain infatuation. Nowadays, when people simply want to stumble upon someone physically attractive without trying to be in a relationship, they tend to opt for websites with live sex cams.

Why is that? Well, that’s because on some of the hottest live sex cams websites they have the opportunity to see the girls or guys of their dreams and interact with them. That’s usually enough for them to fulfill their sexual desires, but they’re normally interested in nothing more than someone’s sex appeal.

Let’s Discuss Smell

Various studies have showcased that smell is another element that plays a significant role in determining sexual attraction. Even if you do not focus too much on someone’s smell, the truth is, you’ll inevitably be drawn to someone because pheromones do not lie.

And one of the biggest proofs of this conclusion is the dating service called Smell Dating. What is it all about? Namely, this service was blasted off with a goal to connect individuals with people who smell the best to them based on a huge collection of sweaty t-shirts.

Even though this may seem (at the very least) weird or gross to you, remember that at the end of the day, we are still animals to our core.

Adding More Interesting Information Below

People Who Look Like Us Are Often Attractive To Us

We know that this may seem rather unusual, however, there was one study where both men and women were included. Namely, during it, they were picking images of people they found most attractive.

What’s surprising is the fact that a vast majority of respondents, chose photographs of one’s own faces that have been digitally morphed into the opposite sex. This leads us to conclude that their morphed face was a lot more appealing to them than all of the others.


Justin Lehmiller, Ph.D., a social psychologist has concluded that people have a tendency to be interested in people who are psychologically very similar to themselves. Furthermore, he realized that mood can definitely affect the level of attraction you feel toward somebody.

For instance, if you’ve just heard some amazing news, you will most likely find the next person you meet more attractive than you normally would. This can influence whether or not you are likely to develop an attraction to him/her.

Similar Personality

It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about friendships or emotional affairs/relationships, the truth is, a plethora of people would frequently opt for people who share similar personality traits with them. And that doesn’t necessarily have to be on a conscious level.

Surprisingly – Fear

As we stated in the beginning, human sexuality is an extremely complex, yet fascinating thing to discuss. But what may shock you right now is that various studies have shown that actually, fear can also influence attraction.

How come? Well, it’s all about that rush of adrenaline that wakes sexual attraction, particularly if the two people (together) experience something that’s both very fearful and exciting. Even though some researchers would define this as “misattribution of arousal”, it still doesn’t change the fact that numerous studies have concluded that nerves and arousal are connected and can cause sexual attraction to somebody that may not have been there before.

A vast majority of people have been in that situation where they cannot explain why they are attracted to someone and that’s precisely one of the reasons why we created this article today. We wanted to show you that there are different factors that can impact the level of attraction to others.

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