We beginning guitarists did not have things so well. Anyone could learn from a YouTube video lesson for, well, all of eternity. There are several reputable websites offering online guitar tuition. You may access a vast array of lesson information with just your smartphone.

For those who prefer in-person instruction, learning the guitar has recently been a little more challenging. However, technology has been made a lifesaver, as video conferencing systems have made it easier for students and teachers to communicate.

Meeting a guitar instructor is something you should once again think about as epidemic limitations start to loosen in many regions. But would you be paying a “real” tutor with your money? Or do you prefer the ease of online classes more? There are advantages and disadvantages to both strategies.

There is no correct or incorrect reply here, but maybe we can provide you some guidance as to how to find the best online guitar lessons to continue with your own education.


The fact is that face-to-face guitar lessons are more expensive than online courses. A year’s subscription to an aid will cost you between $80 and $230. To help you pick a platform before spending money, every site gives either a “lite” free alternative or a full-featured sample period. If that is still too pricey for you, though, you may always choose one of those.

Pro instructors obviously cannot compete with internet subscription pricing, but free trial sessions, discounts for bulk booking, and cost-sharing group courses help make in-person instruction cheap.

Advantages for newcomers

Most online guitar instruction sites contain a ton of material for those just getting started. Some sites both provide a multimedia experience, using the microphone on your tablet or phone to let you know in real time if you are playing correctly.

The website for Fender Play has a clean, modern design and an excellent course that will teach novices picking, strumming, and fretting with the least amount of hassle. Additionally, their website has a brand-new “feedback mode” that is now in beta and is comparable to the  real-time simulation interaction on other sites.

Although the technology is fascinating, humans are still superior at it. Beginners can discover errors and make immediate corrections thanks to the continuous feedback from an experienced educator. No teacher? You run the danger of developing “bad” habits that might hinder you for years. At the absolute least, we would advise every novice to enroll in a few one-on-one courses.


Online education is quite convenient. It has to be since it is on the internet. Day or night, you may access the material from the lesson at any time, and you can press “rewind” or “play” as much as you choose. Private instructors will nonetheless compete fiercely for your patronage and will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

Since the worldwide pandemic began in 2020, many also provide home visits, and Zoom (https://ist.mit.edu/zoom#:~:text=Zoom%20is%20a%20video%20communication%20tool%20for%20video,across%20mobile%20devices%2C%20desktops%2C%20telephones%2C%20and%20room%20systems.) classes have grown in popularity and sophistication.

It is important to keep in mind that certain companies have started to provide their tests online if you are studying for your guitarist grades with a coach. Whatever method of studying you like, you may actually accomplish a lot from the relative ease of your living room.

Societal activities

Some private guitar instructors, especially those with big student lists and spacious teaching facilities, plan frequent group concerts as well as social gatherings. Along with making acquaintances and having fun, you may improve your live performance abilities, gain knowledge about your equipment, and increase your self-assurance and stage presence. Ask at your neighborhood guitar store; chances are they know someone.

The majority of websites that provide tuition also feature some sort of community service. Students may discuss their accomplishments in the extensive online forum on Guitar Tricks, and TrueFire offers a public Facebook community for students. There are many options, whether they are online or offline.

Superiority of teaching resources

More capabilities than ever are available on websites for online tuition. For instance, TrueFire’s video lessons may be sped up or slowed down, and they come with a guitar tab that follows the video at the selected playback speed. You may download material to mobile or desktop platforms, choose full screen or side-by-side display, and loop parts.

Regarding in-person tuition, the majority of instructors have their own resources, including tab/notation software like Guitar Pro or Finale. Many people will be grateful if you use Zoom or in-person to record your instruction so they can be reviewed afterwards. Additionally, no platform on the internet can instantly produce a custom course based on a query you provide. For that, you most definitely need a teacher.

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